Zack Wilmot at Mt. Snow

Considering the east coast park epicenter Mt. Snow allegedly is these days, we receive surprisingly few submissions from those parts. This video fro Credo Shop rider Zack Wilmot makes up for it, in addition to stoking out our intern of the Asian persuasion.

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  1. 4one3
    4one3 says:

    i’m pretty sure he would be rocking his CAKED board if it didn’t get ganked earlier this season

  2. BigPoppa
    BigPoppa says:

    Its too bad this kid is a cocky asshole and a dick to everyone that isn’t as good as him. Type of kid that is always at the top of the lift running his mouth and shouting at you from the lift!

  3. dumb
    dumb says:

    yeah right zacks the man your just fuckin jealous bigPoppa. kids super supportive to his friends your probably just a kook

  4. matt
    matt says:

    weird how I can remember this kid wearin a tall tee with an extra wide stance just about 2 or 3 seasons ago. oh he also use to rock this big gangsta chain hangin out of his hoody, but of course the TREND is different nowadays.

  5. bababooey
    bababooey says:

    f^$k yea zack!

    matt I bet you ride a rossignol with step in’s and have a matching kit.

    BigPoppa don’t be upset beacuse your mom didn’t make you more meatloaf.

  6. ninja
    ninja says:

    upstate mike your hate gets you no where besides a bad rep for you and your company how the hell you tryna hate on zack…

  7. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    i never hated on zach on this…i said good things about him. fast and loose is a compliment where i come from. he kills shit, seen it with my own 2 eyes. never once bad talked this kid.

    ps…if i did, i would stand by it. who cares about a bad rep, just look at charlie sheen.


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