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Holy Oly: The Ocho

If you know, you know.
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Comments (5)

  1. that tube town set up looks sweet

  2. what kind of oly boxes are those? strange discoloration.

  3. i’m in picture 16! Shiny Shins. Brocka Cheya!!!

  4. And needless to say, you don’t believe that the idiot is none other than YOU ????I firmly believe this Pensylvanian judge and that New Jersey one who ruled according to Shaaria in thecase of the wife raped by her husband, should be rather tarred, feathered and ran out of town..I wonder what made this Pennsylvanian judge convert to Islam as per his own words BUT IF HE IS, HE SHOULD KEEP HIS LEANINGS TO HIMSELF, AS SUCH BLATANT AND SHAMELESS PARTIALITY HASNO ROOM IN ANY COURT OF LAW, AT LEAST IN THIS COUNTRY…..I wholeheartedly agree with this article writter:If people of his jurisdiction know what’s good for them, THEY MUST IMPEACH HIM AND THE SOONERTHE BETTER.Perhaps it would have a sobering effect on some other ultra-liberal or outright Muslim “judges”…….


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