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Breckenridge RADventures

Before you scoff too hard at the name, here’s the latest webisode from Rad! Gloves, some Aussie blokes on a mission to have a good old American adventure. Now they’re looking for some good old American feedback…

Riders: Chris De Campo, Jason Maxfield, Andrew Roth, Jez Burns, Charlie Steinbacher, Shaun Belmore, Aaron Zajonc, and Tom Munro.

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Comments (15)

  1. just when i was starting to get bored – 2:40

  2. damn, looks like the aussies are the zeach masters.

  3. idk know how this make it this video bored me from the beginning

  4. @gay: is it because you were busy studying your grammar and spelling? Because you obviously have that dialled in.
    I dig this edit!

  5. this and that other breck video just posted make me miss spring breck park days so badly. why am i not riding spring parks right now? what is wrong with my life?

  6. The song was kinda weak but the edit itself was pretty good.

  7. brent your gay this edit sucks balls

  8. 2 out of 5 boners. i almost want to give it a 1 out of 5 simply because the companys name is “radical!”. i didnt even watch the video.

  9. @upstatemike,

    how can you rate it on your boner scale if you didn’t even watch it?
    go get your mini-boners someplace else.
    you’re obviously getting the wrong impression of the company too.

  10. ps…i liked your comment. because you said “mini-boners”.


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