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Gremlin Gamez This 4-20

The stoney snowboarder community was greatly saddened by the early arrival of the Grenade Games this year, leaving a lack of snowboard gathering on 4-20. Luckily, some of the more motivated stoners have decided to do something about it! This 4-20 head to Mt. Rose for the Gremlin Gamez instead! Will it actually happen? Maybe!

More info possibly available soon on

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Comments (4)

  1. yea it will actually happen debating doing it on the Saturday after or on 420 wich is Wednesday. but ether way Get the fuck widit

  2. happening for sure. GETwidiT

  3. Mt. Rose = The preseason backyard rail area, NOT the actual resort

  4. Some Gremlinz Have School But Skip An BusIt .4/20/11.