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Rejected Edits: April Fools?

I’m so sick of, “Why are you hating? At least they’re out there boarding.” So what? This is snowboarding. It’s a fashion shit show and constant dick sucking contest to be the coolest. That’s why Rejected Edits exist. With no names, no flair and nothing to talk about these edits still get their 15 minutes. Plus, come on, this is Yobeat, it’s either this or we just make fun of Shaun White all the time.

Its on tv internet episode 2.6 from Bakkå röfjälle.

Why it Sucks: GoPro’s and poles, it’s never going to be ok. Also, you guys slam a lot, and the lumberjack doesn’t have gloves on half the time. Gloves folks, they are your friend. As far as the video, the park shots are boring and stupid. I don’t care that you nailed a trick on some bullshit feature.

Why it’s Rad: Sweet nicknames, obviously. The random spot shots are great. The handplant to cartwheel slam, awesome. And oh yeah, slams, we love slams.

Why it Sucks: I hate fake sponsors. I highly doubt Electric paid to have this edit made. I also hate the intro music, and well, all the music. The smoking shot around :50, come on, is there any better way to claim, “I JUST GOT MY LICENSE!” Besides that stuff, some of these shots are just total crap, but hey, at least you’re out there, and I suppose that’s a good thing.

Why it’s Rad: Editing. Yeah sure it might be filthy, but it’s rad filthy. Chop and Screw, opps and uh… I’m into all of it. Plus with a title like “KKK” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see future titles.

american bad ass from chuuch be easy

Why it Sucks: Well, your music choice is for shit. Who kills the audio? The sweet sound of snow smashing should never be covered over. Also, what the fuck is with the ending? Holy shit, is this a teaser? Better not be…

Why it’s Rad: Content. Jumping off chairs is always cool. Powder is always cool. Cloudy winter days are awesome.

Chemical Mess on dat Earl. from Chemical Mess .

Why it Sucks: Hippies (read: dreads), slow groove tunes and two inch stances are not going to fly around these parts. Does that make me shallow? Bet your ass it does. But watching you slip and slide around the hill making sparks with your knees pisses me off. Oh, and the weed ender, cool, you smoke weed, so does my grandma.

Why it’s Rad: Well, simple really, the riding is rad. Even if it is on some bullshit park features.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (28)

  1. jimbo, you really just don’t know what you’re talking about haha

  2. uhhhhhuhhuhuhuhuh sick bud bro. Nobody fucking cares that you smoke weed. Shitty time-lapse too. Good choice on rejected edits overall though.

  3. Ha. Well my wilderness EMT certification says otherwise, but it’s cool. I’m sure the Geocities site that you get your medical facts from is way more qualified than the Red Cross

  4. rejected edits seem to get more views and comments then normal videos, we’re all retards

  5. Oh big shot with the Wilderness EMT Cert! Can I schedule an appointment with you to

  6. it’s common sense that your body is built to have your feet be comfortable at shoulder width appart. I see kids snowboarding with 24 ” plus stances and it looks like they’re doing the fucking splits… and your telling me it’s better to take impacts with your feet spread that far apart? You’re a retard if you really beleive that. I don’t care if you took a fucking emt class mr. mountain man, you’re still an idiot. have fun sqauting around all over the park and hitting rails like your in the middle of taking a dump

  7. youre all a bunch of pussies

  8. Haha, wow dude. Maybe you should apply some of that “common sense” to reading posts. I never said it was better to go full-on cowboy like some kind of retard. I’m saying it’s better to have a wider stance than the skinny stances these hipster kids ride with (you know, like the one that you pointed out in your own post). THOSE are what blow out your knees… And for the record, you should be slightly outside of shoulder width. Did you guys ever take karate when you were a kid?