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Sunny Sugarloaf Edit

Just a few parks laps during a wicked sunny day at Sugarloaf.

riders include: John Poulin, Tristan Corriveau, Joel Norton, Greg Johnston, Tucker Lander, Tyler Blackburn & Jack Karn

look for HOW WE DOIN, an east-coast shred flick dropping May 2011…with help from Yobeat, Team Eight Snowboards, Boardslider & The Rack BBQ.

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  • Jimbo

    How could I not expect a Vermont edit to have The Grateful Dead as the music. You may have nappy hair, and you may wreak of pachouli…. but that was some damn fine snowbaording

  • karnkarn

    Maine Maine Maine. Just wonderful!

  • Dylan

    it’s in maine.

  • Yetti

    i wish i had a prius…

  • steezenutz

    some dead, some shred, and some prius steeze all wrapped in one

  • jerm

    jimbo you just told everyone that you know nothing of the east coast and are in fact a moron.

  • Rodway

    Hell yeah!

  • mainer

    yeah maine love!

  • d smith

    so pumped to see you guys all killin it. miss ya fools!

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    Fuck yeah tommy, cant wait to see how everything turned out this season.

  • Fonzie

    Liked everything except the Prius.

  • jeffery

    team eight is a joke

  • Tucker

    what the hell you talking about nig team eight is the shit

  • HMz

    I’m digging the “ripple” font

  • Lateesha

    jimbo, you so stoopid!

  • Notron

    @ Jeffery

    “team eight is a joke”

    In this case, nobody likes a Jeffery.

  • kLILLY2

    Sick edit. I sure do miss rip’n the loaf with all you shreds.

  • marty tindle

    John Poulin is an unsung hero! Tristen and Karn are the illest as well