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Last Powder Day at Jackson Hole

What’s worse — a resort closing because the snow all melts, or a resort closing when it’s still this good? Jackson Hole, closing date: April 3.

Riders: Blake Paul, Cam FitzPatrick, Aaron Robinson, and Alex Yoder

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Comments (10)

  1. jackson treats their locals like shit

  2. this was rad. looks like mid winter out there. why don’t they stay open?

  3. because all rich people stop riding by mid-march, and what big resort in their right mind would ever stay open just for their loyal passholders? none

  4. they have to close early cause the are on forest service land..something to do with animal migration and shit

  5. that’s gay. stay open.

  6. Great video. Jackson is sick. Where’s Dan the Man?

  7. incase you were wondering, yes, A-Rob is the best skier on the mountain.

  8. I can’t believe they’re closing with all that snow. I would piss in managements coffee if I were local. Even if they have a forest service obligation, there is no fire danger and no animals will be wandering around when it’s still snowing.
    At least the last day looked super fun

  9. I got in a snowball fight with a moose once at Jackson, but it didn’t seem to mind. animals love attention