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Loonatics 9

Two Loon videos in one day? You know you love it.

Riders: Mike Ravelson, Nick Esposito, Kevin Court, Cole St. Martin, Brendon Rego, Johnny O’ Connor, Dylan Dragotta

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Comments (41)

  1. straight up, the sickest shit ive ever seen.

  2. this is some wild shit. seems like these guys have the mentality that if its easy or has already been done then why bother. so many next level moves.

  3. loonatics is the new and vastly improved sundays in the park

  4. that wallride/creeper was destroyed in this. def the most technical rail edit that i have seen all year, my only problem with this edit is the stance widths, but otherwise, I think New Hampshire may be taking the cake this year for best rail riders

  5. these dudes don’t give a fuck

  6. someone give these gentleman a blowjob

  7. flabbargasted

  8. <3

  9. jesus titty fucking christ…

  10. jesus christ!!! loon=east coast bear mtn, these kids are so fucking good

  11. My mind was blown, that thing was amazing. Also if anyone can even find a reason to hate on this video, there whack

  12. Spinning on to a rail attached to a wall, F’ing insane! Pretty amazing edit; creative techy shit.

    YoBeat – thanks for posting a day full of hammers!

  13. god damnit that bhappy edit made we wanna go snowboard. this makes me wanna kill myself

  14. uh yum! These tricks are most challenging. The dudes are very good. Proud of the east

  15. Destroyed. Anybody wanna by a snowboard? I cant justify riding after watching this.

  16. Ok, I will be the first to hate.. I didn’t see any double corks on, double corks off the wallride.. lame!

    Ummm, what just happened to that wallride? I think the only other thing you can put down on that thing is a glory hole!

  17. jeezus, fuck.

  18. skills. maybe the best rail edit i’ve seen this year. loon is killing it

  19. Time to build a new wallride at loon. That one got destroyed.

  20. I really think Loonatics edits are way better then Sunday in the Park.

  21. rav and dylan really blew my mind in this one. holy

  22. this is straight fucked
    so fucking crazy

  23. WOW WOW WOW WOW….jesus tits…. loon kids have always been on another level

  24. Slaughter. Shit was fucking filthy. sick.

  25. i was just about to comment about how much coverage this rav guy is getting, then i watched this video, consider this a hater getting shown

  26. Remember when a front 270 on was a hammer?

  27. that was fucking insane. next level shit right there

  28. next level

  29. it’s loonacy how good this edit was

  30. Raise your hand if you’re moving to loon next season.

  31. LOON IS THE SHIT, imagine the shit goin down if we always had nice weather?


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