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bHappy’s Northstar Workout

They say exercise makes you happier. Maybe that’s why the guys from bHappy are such rays of sunshine.

Riding: Max Tokunaga, Gared Schneider, Ben Strauss, Colt Morgan, Durell Williams, Dylan Thompson, Sean Keane, Griffen Lancaster, Joel Klein, Eric Wetherhold, Mike Robinson

Film/Edit: Paul Heran, Bryce Hymans

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Comments (18)

  1. Goddamnit that was awesome. It’s about time bhappy puts out some more edits. Now I want to go shred

  2. That looked really fun. However, the only tricks that impressed me were done by a non-bHappy member…. whoops.

  3. Wow, I was wondering where these guys have been… Glad to see they’re killing it. BHappy > Tranny Finders for sure. Hot damn it’s good to have some sick crew content again

  4. that was an aggressive edit.

  5. sean keane kills it.

  6. killin’ it.

  7. there was not one difficult trick in that edit

  8. Great edit.

    damn do I miss Northstar.

    And Snowboarding.

  9. Max is fucking sexy… He is the only reason I watched this video!! <3


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