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bHappy’s Northstar Workout

They say exercise makes you happier. Maybe that’s why the guys from bHappy are such rays of sunshine.

Riding: Max Tokunaga, Gared Schneider, Ben Strauss, Colt Morgan, Durell Williams, Dylan Thompson, Sean Keane, Griffen Lancaster, Joel Klein, Eric Wetherhold, Mike Robinson

Film/Edit: Paul Heran, Bryce Hymans

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  • Eric$

    Goddamnit that was awesome. It’s about time bhappy puts out some more edits. Now I want to go shred

  • stu

    ya that was nice

  • toby w


  • John

    That looked really fun. However, the only tricks that impressed me were done by a non-bHappy member…. whoops.

  • ian

    Colt Morgan is my hero

  • Jimbo

    Wow, I was wondering where these guys have been… Glad to see they’re killing it. BHappy > Tranny Finders for sure. Hot damn it’s good to have some sick crew content again

  • jerm

    that was an aggressive edit.

  • niggerlover

    sean keane kills it.

  • karnkarn

    look at that park!

  • peacelovesnowflakes

    killin’ it.



  • mattd


  • herpderp

    sick edit. bhappy kills it

  • $4.20spliffmaster

    there was not one difficult trick in that edit

  • rumorator

    Great edit.

    damn do I miss Northstar.

    And Snowboarding.

  • jason

    yeah max!

  • dirtyD

    $4.20spliff is a queer!

  • my$terygirl

    Max is fucking sexy… He is the only reason I watched this video!! <3