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Monday Minute: Team Trip

You wanted more Midwest kids shredding a park? You got it.

Devil’s Head Picnic in the Park with House of 1817.

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Comments (15)

  1. that was fucking awesome! such a good idea.

  2. vibe reminded me of kingvale. rip.

  3. holy shit yobeat finally posted something cool

  4. that looked so fun

  5. such a sick game looked awesome

  6. minnesnowta homies killing it

  7. Snowboarding at it’s truest form! FuN!!!

  8. I couldn’t think of a better day to spend a day

  9. joe sexton on the poop tube, gotta love that rail

  10. With out that poop tube devils head would be nothing

  11. drink as much booze as you want at devils head


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