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Monday Minute: Team Trip

You wanted more Midwest kids shredding a park? You got it.

Devil’s Head Picnic in the Park with House of 1817.

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  • souva

    that was fucking awesome! such a good idea.

  • jerm

    vibe reminded me of kingvale. rip.

  • elk

    holy shit yobeat finally posted something cool

  • tom b

    love that

  • brendon rego

    that looked so fun

  • merOregon

    such a sick game looked awesome

  • Dad #1

    minnesnowta homies killing it

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    That looked like a fucking blast

  • cholmes

    man, what a fun video

  • PFunk

    Snowboarding at it’s truest form! FuN!!!

  • Slotch

    I couldn’t think of a better day to spend a day

  • cheese- the headiest

    that was an awesome edit- 1817 uptown

  • moonshine

    joe sexton on the poop tube, gotta love that rail

  • bret

    With out that poop tube devils head would be nothing

  • frumaseed

    drink as much booze as you want at devils head