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Alphabit Chowda

Due to our inexplicable obsession with the Midwest/East Coast as of late, it’s been feeling like this season is coming to a close. Thankfully, we just received this video of what’s happening in our backyard right now. Timberline. Willamette Pass. Powder. Alphabit Crew. Yes.

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Comments (10)

  1. chill out on the sarcastic east coast hate…..the west coast has bigger mountains…….got it

  2. Timberline? More like Willamette Pass!

  3. i dont think this is at timberline

  4. Looks like fun….but definitely some of the most sketch riding I’ve ever seen….would rather see kids from the midwest slay the park…just sayin

  5. aw thats cute, whats that 10 inches? tahoes gotten 10 FEET in the past week. and yes, im way too busy soul shredding to film a second.

  6. Ya man, way too busy Soul shredding those groomers.

  7. Kids having a god damn blast more like it and don’t have the privileges of riding Tahoe most likely. Respect the NW!!


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