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Northstar Hobos

Last Wednesday’s webisode, because we’re apparently that bad at the Internet now.

Riders: Zander, Josh Bishop, R.P., Blake Geis, and Colin Walters.

The most Internet-savvy kitty since Keyboard cat.
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Comments (21)

  1. Solid edit guys, really sick.

  2. even though it was this gay ass mini camera called gopro, i really like this one…

  3. 2dank.

  4. Hell yeah Josh

  5. I don’t care what anyone says Northstar always looks like fun.

    Bitchin edit.

  6. daang shii sick yo. yo yo yo. ghglkj yo

  7. ya doooods. zander killin it

  8. That bad? too bad you guys kill it……

  9. I was expecting the real RP, this imposter, was disappointing…

  10. dumbass that was rp

  11. WeieLT more ocmments