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A Cheesy Sugarbush Video

Dear Cabot:

We here at Yobeat greatly enjoy your cheese, and as you obviously see the extreme value in snowboarding (no pun intended) we feel it is in your best interest to begin advertising with YoBeat. While normally, we do not accept product trades, however, if you wanted to send a lifetime supply of wasabi cheddar, we could probably talk.

Thank you for your attention,

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Comments (22)

  1. just saying horseradish is the best cheddar!

  2. if you get the cabot connection youll have to change your slogan to “yobeat: constipated snowboarding since 2011”

  3. Sugarbush looks tits. EAST COAST!

  4. Yes Murphy Yes!

  5. I got one of those Cabot plaid snowboards they were giving away. It’s pretty fantastical.

  6. but in all seriousness, this video is pretty fucking gay.

  7. One flew over the rainbow.. This place looks fun and Cabot marketing has a good approach.

  8. John Poulin reps for Cabot ahhh!X?! Cheese samples for days

  9. the cheese and the beer are the only things i miss about living in vermont

  10. i forget where, but this song is definitely ABD

  11. riding in this video was so sketchy

  12. Cool park. Cool video. Fuck the kid that said there riding was sketchy.

    shhhh you hear that? yep, its the sound of throwin hammers.

  13. to mistah fabby davis, its sugarbush, the rails feel cool cuz there big enough to do anytrick on, but they dont look big in videos cuz they arent that big, but they are fun, so thats why people actually watch sugarbush edits

  14. We approached Cabot with the idea of being a park sponsor. The parks rails may not be set up very tall because I would rather see more progressive tricks. Also we don’t have a true park groomer so its easier to burry the rails, so when it rains here on the east we don’t have to do double work and redo them all. Rails between 12′ and 36′ long are pretty average

  15. Yeah. MT. Ellen H.O.C. reppin. Man y’all have no idea how little resources the Park crew gets at Sugarbush. If you gave those boys a legit groomer and some funds… best park on the east I guarantee it. Mad Passion.

  16. this edit eats balls but then i guess anything with a good editer and people that know the right cunts can get an edit on yobeat , take filmincmedia for example ,YOBEAT eat a dick


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