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The Super Exclusive Gentlemen’s Club

The filming sucks, the quality sucks, and the weather sucked. We don’t care. SUPER EXCLUSIVE

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Comments (16)

  1. Moose mansion and critters…sick

  2. better recognize

  3. KicktheBucket + Critters = The exclusive gentleman’s club of snowboarding. ’nuff said.

  4. Thirsty!

  5. yea dudes!

  6. damn that elbow dfd rail looks ready for some tricks.

  7. Weather sucked? HA You spoiled West Coasters….

  8. +

  9. its like a hipster gremlinz…

  10. im only reminded how much i blew it when i see brighton footy. shit.

  11. moose mansion u beezy!

  12. All these kids kill it… I want more!

  13. i wish this stuff was filmed good.i would enjoy watching it more. everything else about it was awesome though keep at it


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