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Keep the Change Six Trick Mix

“Six Trick Mix” is ever rhymier than “Five Trick Fix.” Those Keep the Change guys are not only clever, but wordsmiths as well! Wait, is rhymier a word?

Riders: Brandon Cocard, Brandon Hammid, Josh Bishop, Blake Geis, Nial Romanek, Johnny Brady

Shot and Edited by Rob Balding

lives life in the Danger Zone
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Comments (8)

  1. Ah, now that’s come good ‘ol fashioned Tahoe fun

  2. Hammids sw bk 5-0 was mind blowing

  3. had a serious taco on rail number 3 few months ago..

  4. It’s all about Steven Brady, hope your walking again bud.

  5. that last jakuzzi was dope!!!!

  6. thasss wassssupp