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Loonatics: Episode 8

You wanted more videos from Loon? Thought so!

Riders: Dylan Dragotta, Mike Ravelson, Nick Esposito, Tyler L’heureux, Johnny O’Connor

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Comments (30)

  1. keep the change…going nuts once again

  2. hard way back 1 without the nollie on the austyn gillette tip

  3. “are you sick of these guys yet?” tag:
    no not at all

  4. this is the coolest thing i have seen all year

  5. Well shitdamn that was fun to watch.

  6. so much of this fucking awesome.

  7. Hell yah Keep the Change is super sick and….Johnny O’Conner killing it

  8. LOON!!! u wouldnt be crazy to move back east to ride thier!

  9. really awesome stuff. classic song. noseslide 450 locked in by dylan yom

  10. Esposito and L’heuruex have no business being in these videos

  11. “good work” is obviously battling some serious retardation issues. Hang in there you fuckin mark! TLu and Espo are bosses

  12. agreed. espo and tyler be good shredders. no hate ever required

  13. johnny o connor, i want to have ur babies

  14. these guys always loose their hats

  15. i threw up in my mouth when i saw the ender. fuck! that shit was so heavy

  16. ooops lose my hat i dont give a shit cause im back 180in onto this rail

  17. fuck yeah…thats what its all about. east coast at its finest.

  18. that’s what’s up!!!!

  19. goodwork you can gargle it. Tyler LAC is the man

  20. Damn jonny oconner is throwing hammers left and right.. jed should be scared very scared

  21. johnny got way more style than jed

  22. good work, go lay down. these guys are the fuckin sheet


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