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Designer Hump Day Part Two: Draplin

Last week, after we sat Draplin Design Co.’s Aaron Draplin down to talk design, snowboarding, and general what-have-you, it quickly became clear that we weren’t going to squeeze all the good stuff coming out of his mouth into one short video. The man has a lot of insightful things to say about both snowboarding and design… and with over an hour of Draplin banter on film, there were too many treats not to do a part two. If you’ve not yet watched part one, check that out here in last week’s Hump Day.

This time around, Draplin discusses everything from rollerblading and other “tricky action sports bullshit” to what drew him to design. He talks about why he chooses to stay in Portland, and why he prefers “scrapping” and working with small brands like Cobra Dogs over the brands that have “the big bucks.” Respectable stuff, for sure.

I’ve posted some highlights of Draplin’s work below, from Cobra Dogs, to Union, to Burton, all the way to the United States Department of Transportation.

Draplin keeps his blog updated daily, so if you like what you see, add that one to your must check list. You can also pick up a fair share of neat merchandise in his store, from combs to pens, to t-shirts, to his popular Field Notes products.

Again, if you haven’t watched part one from last week, don’t miss that one.

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Comments (14)

  1. He’s totally right. Rollerblading is so gay. Fags running around strapped into their boots wearing ridiculous looking clothes. Not like snowboarding where your….. oh, haha, yeah they both suck.

  2. Funny in a rambling stoner kind of way. I think I caught a few coherent thoughts in there–but mostly a lot of “like, who cares” and “ya know’s?”

  3. thanks for the wise words…. legend

  4. That is one likeable dude!