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Wall Ride Thing at Loon

Last weekend, Thomas Haraden went snowboarding at Loon. It’s a popular option these days. While he was there, he happened upon a contest he affectionately referred to as a “wall ride thing” and made this video. The contest was actually called “Hard Day’s Night” and Shaun Murphy went home $1000 richer.

Riders: Rob Hallowell, Chris Brewster, Kyle Mack, Ben Ross, Shaun Murphy, Mike Ravelson, Brandon Hobush, Tanner McCarty, Dylan Dragotta & others.

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Comments (10)

  1. man these guys look

  2. Wow that looked fun as fuck

  3. that looks so fun. makes me miss loon!

  4. Anyone catch the Zapp sample in the track?
    Thought not…

  5. Fuck yeah Tommy. I miss riding with you guys.

  6. That looked like an amazingly good time.


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