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WeSC Presents: Sean Blactivist Episode 2

Join Sean for a little bit of life in Utah. In this episode Sean chips away at filming a video part for the new Think Thank movie and enjoys some good old fashioned boarding with friends at Brighton and Park City.

Other snowboarders include Phil Jaques, Alex Andrews, and Brandon Hammid.

Brought to you by WeSC

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (14)

  1. Stoked on it

  2. i agree. setting up rails is way easier than smoking doobies on the chairlift

  3. Wesc, snowboarding and wheezy… Three things that just got gayer. Sean black is good dude though

  4. reverse camber = 50-50 nose lean
    camber = nosepress
    posting hate comments on videos, Priceless*

  5. Hey its chill everyone… Jerm is down

  6. yo. if jerm is down….

    also. weezy. if he be down… well then, “le duh!” … shit Is fantastic if f-baby be involved….

  7. Amazing. Now I’m going to go buy a shit ton of new WESC stuff.

  8. hahahahahahahaah

  9. So tight!

  10. real original sean

  11. whats the red/white jacket that one kid is wearing, im reallllly diggin it. if any of you guys know, thanks