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Northstar Boardin’ with FunBlock

Tahoe has been getting absolutely pounded lately, so you may not think park laps are going down, but apparently they are! Sam Taxwood and Blake Paul making some good ones happen at Northstar.

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Comments (13)

  1. yea blake, sweet riding

  2. bs 5 stale might be one of the best looking tricks in snowboarding when done well. these kids are good

  3. back 5 stales are the shit. jerm knows whats good. so do these kids

  4. Finally something i dont mind watching

  5. These two have some of the best style out there, good jumpin. Hell yeah guys!

  6. Nice…. bringin’ back the double indy tweakage….

  7. killing it guys

  8. Feelin’ the jumps. Nice edit! That park looks fun

  9. Dave is really impressed. great job. A park edit with good jumping is always a treat.


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