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Gaper Day at Boreal?

Humor can be a tricky thing to pull off. Add in the fact that the Internet is populated mostly by morons and it gets even more difficult. What is going on in this edit is these guys dressed up in ridiculous outfits and snowboarded really poorly in an attempt at mocking modern snowboard culture. In other words, they were trying to be funny. Did it work? Well, I suppose we’ll only know if people actually watch it.

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Comments (37)

  1. ME GUSTA TECHNINE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. is there like a inside boreal joke about the food court gangster or something?

  3. multiple sightings of a food court gansta here..maybe not the gansta but a gansta none the less!

  4. no need to comment jerm was dead on again

  5. one problem. there stances arent rediculiosly narrow