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Gaper Day at Boreal?

Humor can be a tricky thing to pull off. Add in the fact that the Internet is populated mostly by morons and it gets even more difficult. What is going on in this edit is these guys dressed up in ridiculous outfits and snowboarded really poorly in an attempt at mocking modern snowboard culture. In other words, they were trying to be funny. Did it work? Well, I suppose we’ll only know if people actually watch it.

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Comments (37)

  1. are those stupid narrow stances part of the joke ?
    its so much easyer to manuver your board with a t locked stance

  2. i was gonna try and be the douchy-girl-version of jerm here and rip on you guys…but when tech-9 rolled in at 3:00 I actually felt like maybe laughing with you. one thumb up… your butt.

  3. the part that the food court wangster guy came in was pretty funny

  4. But HE DIDN’T Dave doesn’t laugh ever. EVEN IF THERE IS A FIRE!

  5. haha… I thought it was funny as shit… the suit case grab was way snazzy… for some reason it reminded me of a lame House of 1817 edit from Highland Hill here in the Twin Cities… only difference was these guys are aware they look gay

  6. @ brent: 1817 is aware that they are sick riders..why do you care how they look?? this vid is funny though and the riding is good

  7. god damnit snowboarding is such a bad joke

  8. put a smile on my face! may have lol’d a couple times as well. anyone who doesn’t even smirk at this takes snowboarding to srsly

  9. this was hilarious, made my day

  10. Thug cameo made my day

  11. It’s no joke, it’s a present! Sunday in the Park came early this week!

    Where is Todd Richards anyways.. is he too busy with Chapter 11 snowboards? That guy was the king of funnies!

  12. hahah Ive seen that goober with the purple hoodie and ridiculous vest at boreal. I would be careful making fun of him, he obviously carries guns with him on the mtn

  13. it’s too bad… all that leather could have gone to 5 or 6 nice pairs of ass-less chaps

  14. LOL the food court gangsta pops in there

  15. they didnt pull it off… besides tech 9. gopros are weak

  16. hmmm nah. these type of videos annoy me. you feel the need to make a point of trying to make fun of a certain type of riding by looking like a jackass. the sad part is you were really good at snowboarding poorly. makes me think you do it often.

  17. way to be yourself jerm.

    Thought it was hilarious! food court gangster haha

  18. best part of this video was the tag saying “sometimes we post things just to make people mad, super serious” well played yobeat, definitely successful in that regard.

  19. all these dudes are gapers anyways

  20. i’d rather watch these guys fucking around than some thuggish ruggish lucas magoon motherfucker doing wizard tricks any day

  21. @ brent, 1817 rules, don’t hate just because you can’t ride hyland and have tons of fun.

  22. Bag Jump in the background??

  23. “the sad part is you were really good at snowboarding poorly. makes me think you do it often.”
    classic reelcomp jerm. love that shit

  24. There’s a word for these kinda dudes- Hipsters!!

  25. i want to ride hyland! ahh. i liked the leather pants thats all


    evidence that jerms a kook. the reason he didnt find this amusing is because he is a snowboard coach and sold his soul to double corks.

    i liked the swivels and zeaches

  27. yeah thats a BJ in the background.

  28. ME GUSTA TECHNINE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. is there like a inside boreal joke about the food court gangster or something?

  30. multiple sightings of a food court gansta here..maybe not the gansta but a gansta none the less!

  31. no need to comment jerm was dead on again

  32. one problem. there stances arent rediculiosly narrow


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