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Fuck It, Watch John Jackson’s Full Part

Don’t do drugs. They won’t make you ride like this. They may make you think you ride like this, but trust us, you don’t.

If you haven’t seen the F’ It in its entirety yet, you should probably go download it off iTunes.

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Comments (12)

  1. only ali boulala can use this song!

  2. Jesus titty-fucking….

  3. I wonder if T Rice watched this part and was like “wow, I’m a pussy… a really big pussy…” I usually hate jump parts, but this is incredible from beginning to end.

  4. havent ridin a comp sober in three years, just made it to nationals for the third year in a row.

  5. i’d lose my virginity all over again for him… bong rips for days. beerious.

  6. well aren’t you just the coolest shit to hit yobeat “gucci”

  7. JJ is a beast. White people should never have dreds tho. No matter how cool the person everyone ends up looking like a poser.


  9. be cool like LL COOLJ. shrooms and exctasy!

  10. this part iss sooo sick. he inspired me to start doing acid on a daily basis. thank you john jackson yourreee the shiyyt


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