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The Woods of Boulder

It’s been awhile since we featured one of these secret backwoods spots, what with it being the middle of the season and all. But here ya go! Some legit tricks, some excess shots, but overall fun to watch. Now you may wonder why living in Colorado midseason you’d need something like this. We did anyway, so we asked. ” Its very convenient and doesn’t take us an hour and a half to get there. Yes we have
mountains, but they are too big and intimidating.” It all makes sense now.

Boarders: Scott Thompson and Paul Smith.

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Comments (13)

  1. Paul smith is soft as shit, but happy birthday anyway man.

  2. after the start of the new year any edit like this should be denied. this sort of thing is only good for helping you get by when youre jonesing for any sort of snowboard video media on the internet.

  3. jerm has no idea what he’s saying. that was a fun edit.

  4. That sounds more like the jerm we all loved to hate back on reelcomp. I hope you went to sam’s club and got an industrial size case of Hater-ade so you can keep it up instead of going all soft again jerm….

    Edit was fun, and I’m sure it was fun as hell to ride. Plan those pump bumps a little better for your next rebuild so you can actually get to the end of that log though, it was almost painful to watch you all work so hard through the hell track only to run out of steam 3/4 of the way up!

  5. good lord this was hideous. anyone who hates on jerm sucks at life nuff said

  6. I want to go to there

  7. when is the dubstep remix coming out?


  9. this is a sick line. looks way more fun than anything a resort would have to offer. oh and im still waiting for someone to post a link of jerm’s hatin ass on a snowboard. so maybe her shit talking might be a little more creditable.


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