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The Runs Episode 12: New England Weather

A couple of 60 degree days then lead in to a 15 degree weekend. COLD and icy here in New England. Jealous? We knew you were. We skated inside, we boarded a little outside, and it was pretttty dang icy the whole time.

/Tommy J/Peepin' Tom (whichever you decide)...NHD
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Comments (14)

  1. the dude that looked like a girl snowboarding but badly should be cut. hes worse than griffen.

  2. but jerm how can you be cut when you wern’t even in this video?

  3. jerm, aren’t you like 26 or 27 years old? you spend a unbelievable amount of time on snowboard websites making fun of/arguing with teenagers. you’re a grown ass fucking man, dude. i’m embarrassed for you.

  4. i think jerm has a crush on ben

  5. jerm is killing it. these kids are blowing it. nuff said.

  6. Snowboarding is cool…hating is gay

  7. jerms a fucking fag, get a life you lil fucking bitch

  8. I want that 57 seconds of my life back.

  9. pats peak! i was there over the weekend too. tore that place a new one.

  10. ya Jerm, wheres your deals at? someone please comment with a link to “Jerm” on a snowboard.


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