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Fan Voice Mail!

With the ease of hating on the Internet, it may be hard to believe that someone would bother tracking down a phone number and actually use the phone to leave a hate comment, but that’s just what “private number” here did. We love to hear from our fans, so we figured you guys would enjoy this one as well! To make it even more fun, here’s a poll so you can easily show your agreement without having to pick up the phone yourself.

[poll id=”278″]

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Comments (18)

  1. I think an angry phone call signifies that Yobeat has officially arrived. Am I wrong?

  2. Ya but are you getting mail from convicts yet? THAT’S when you’ve arrived.

  3. I hate hearing my voice on “tape” …. er I mean that’s guys an idiot mouth breather… shit

  4. he is either a: bummed that he is going to lose his job at Transworld soon or b: another Burton employee. But really, who uses the phone.

  5. ahhhh the call out. thats when you know.

  6. really close between the runs are shit, and jerm doesnt know what hes talking about. im pretty sure yobeat has known danimals is good

  7. make an additional poll option:
    “this guy is a total douche”

  8. dont worry about this dick. keep up the good work! ur getting me through my knee injury

  9. I just recieved a tip that this was CB of the TF’s!!

  10. haha people, vg, yobeat, tws all started posting danimals shit recently. Nobody really knew who he was until a couple weeks ago. 1817 fo life

  11. garrett fitz gets drunk and ruins his reputation

  12. Ha, looks like you’re gonna start getting late night phone calls with no words and heavy breathing

  13. now go and blow up cody beiersdorf. & since you guys are slow on the up & up, here’s the link.

  14. ^beiersdorf is sick. been amped on that ones moves for awhile.

  15. sounded like Ricky Oyola



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