February 9th at Brighton

While many of the edits flooding the Yobeat inbox are filmed in a single day, most of them are edited over the course of weeks if not months. They change mo to slow-mo , tween some motion and show their cultural significance with “that perfect song” even though the riding is just ok. This video is different. This video was shot yesterday. Edited last night. It’s a rush job, but a fantastic one at that. Maybe that’s why these riders are well known? Maybe the key to a good edit, and snowboard success is being good at snowboarding and fun to watch? Yeah, that makes sense. Check out Scott Stevens, Justin Keniston, Johnny Miller, Ted Lavoie and Mike Gonsalves tear up Brighton on a random Wednesday.


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  1. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    I would totally bump a Scott Stevens “wack songs that get you hyped” playlist. suzygreenberg270 edits are the shiznit!!


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