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Wisconsin’s Best Week Ever

Why are we posting this hot mess of CheeseHead bullshit? There are a few reasons: 1) The Greenbay Packers won the SuperBowl and we don’t want to ruin the best week of these kids lives. 2) The Sunburst kids have a park that blew me away. This is in Wisconsin, and that setup not only looks maintained and rideable, but fun and interesting as well. 3) The edits don’t totally suck, the editing didn’t piss me off too much and someone has to spread the shine on these little cheese eaters before diabetes puts them to rest. So here they are, two greasy cheesy edits hot off the editing floor all because of football.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (25)

  1. only a snowboarder could think his subaru outback is gansta

  2. what was the song called in the second one, it was pretty sick?

  3. lets get rid of the stutter-step x-mo. This shit isn’t the x-games, and that’s a good thing.

  4. the show goes on – lupe fiasco. i was convinced the guy at the end was riding a mini

  5. suprisingly, the fatty at the end of the seconed video could actually snowboard

  6. That Granite edit was a lot better than I thought it’d be, I just wish the lift ticket prices weren’t so ridiculous there.

  7. sunburst lookes epic, Corey W. really really good. Much enjoyed and although there was alot of super slowmo and the exposure was off in some shots, it was well put together i tink.

  8. stance was fuckin dumb looking, good riding though

  9. Dope ender in the second

  10. damn, the last kid in the second edit was sick… kinda bittner-esque. what was he thinking wearing steelers’ colors, though?

  11. I’m not gonna lie, that second edit was pretty rad

  12. both edits worth watchin…. even if the second one had to be on mute

  13. hahah i cant believe that kevein kid up there thinks that kid is fat?? haha are you dumb

  14. yea that kids definately not fat kevin, i think he is a ging though, but anyway sick riding midwest rep

  15. what is the rediculous stance about. it rewens every sick trick that kid did.

  16. greatest state in the 50…

    when are we going to see a rumorator edit?

  17. that is indeed a bird ass looking stance, and he’s running rutland steeze in wisconsin. the first homey had slow mo on a tailfish, and he is straight up running a gatorade sticker on his whip, get that off, and tint that thing. that back 3 at the end prettty much shuts up the shit talk tho. almost.

  18. rutland steeze in wisconsin

    regional steeze? globalized steeze? Hawaii Steeze? Asian Steeze? Gosh I just dont know how to categorize another snowboarder

  19. Wisco represent!! Support more WI ventures by visiting or search for us on FaceBook: Produce Design Group! Keep up the GOOD work Butterstick!

  20. or just support the wsp cuz yo beat does

  21. who cares about his stance he rips. bring yours in and maybe youll ride as good as him.

  22. hey jon, he has a gatorade sticker on his board because he’s sponsored by gatorade. not just to be a poser.


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