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House of 1817 Presents: The Critters

A bunch of dirty kids from the flat and baron land of Minnesota buy a house. One of them gets famous for riding a board on rails. The house becomes famous. It then becomes The House of 1817. They film webisodes. They call them Monday Minutes. Their fame rises and the snowboard world takes notice. They have a contest. Then kids from Utah, the land of massive mountains, powder days and every snowboard situation imaginable shoot a contest entry. They win! The Yobeat staff is left feeling at odds over the fact that Utah is competing for Minnesota’s acceptance. Whatever, here are the Critters, and here is their Monday Minute.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (23)

  1. none of the kids in the video are from utah

  2. thats a lie

  3. this shit sucked.. too many hammers to comprhend in one edit, i had to like watch this over an over again. i dont even know who i am anymore after watching this

  4. that was supposed to go to loonatics

  5. all those kids do is ride rails… i’m not sure they even know there’s a mountain around the terrain park..

  6. hate it you rail hating powder monkeys

  7. why is it called monday minute when its more than a minute long?

  8. Hell yah guys!!!!

  9. hate to be a hater… but i thought the winner of that contest would have a much better edit than that.

  10. I just want to sincerely apologize from my heart to everyone whose standards we didn’t meet. Originally we had planned on doing double corks over shark tanks and dan brisse gaps onto quad kinks, but our camera battery ran out.

  11. hey fuck you one of those kids came from the realest of realest mountains that none of you faggots no about PEBBLE CRIIIK MOTHER FUCKERS so go back to new hampshire and fuck ur sister

  12. eh nick lipton, i know you don’t need to be hated on anymore then you already are but next time you post something, we could all go without your half thought out “facts” and commentary.

  13. good riding. i just wish these were better filmed

  14. These guys won a contest? The filming was terrible. Couldn’t watch the whole thing… Just because your from/live in SLC/Utah doesn’t make you cool. SHITS WEEK. House of 1817 is WAY better then this…

  15. ^^^

    lol what a nerd that guy above me is. i think he might have just started his second period in 2 weeks.

  16. Brighton looks fun! Be grateful with what you get to ride on

  17. Haha, 1817 is always fun, and so are the comments that ensue

  18. sean whitaker on the rise!

  19. fell off way early on the ender…didnt count

  20. mad hating, just have fun with snowboarding. and mn is looking for slcs acc.


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