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The Runs Episode 10: Waterville

Eastern Boarder team riders Ian Hart, Nick Julius, CSM, and Ben “Rick” Ross, alongside some of the Waterville Academy students ride the park at Waterville Valley. A couple jumps, some rails, a little overcast, and a lot of fun.

/Tommy J/Peepin' Tom (whichever you decide)...NHD
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Comments (14)

  1. was the song that good that you had to let the whole thing finish? spellcheck?

  2. that edit was so poorly done.

    the riding was sub-par, and i’m glad you left the rest of the song on the video.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. damn that was a lot of moves. the zeach late tail grab was most on point, thats the stuff.

  4. ian hart has some fucking moves

  5. NH merkss shitt!…dont think thers such thing as a bad park there anemore…

  6. haha, the runs is similar to any will farrell movie, extremely embarrassing to watch, nevertheless be a part of

  7. waterville clan, csm, jaboom. that was the ill shit

  8. kevins a puss that was sweet

  9. Dear Everyone:

    Please stop using gangster rap in your snowboard edits…

    Thank you

  10. Not gonna lie, I’ve been having fun with the link on LOL’s comment….

  11. eastern boarder what the fuck are you thinking. this video was so poorly filmed and edited it made ian hart look like he sucks. was Bill “creepy child molester” enos behind the lense on this one?


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