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Park Jibbin’ Video Extravaganza

Peak season means peak park time and lots and lots of videos of it. A bunch of our favorite crews have been bombarding us with their manmade-feature enjoyment this week, so rather than crush dreams by rejecting them, or flooding the site by posting them all separately, here’s one mega post of all the park jibbin’ fun you could ever want!

Tranny Finders at Crystal

Critters at Brighton

Mystery District at Dollar Mountain

Wisconsin Homeys at Granite Peak Park

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Comments (26)

  1. a good tranny finders edit, dying birds and fish, lots of natural disasters…. 2012 is real…shit

  2. first time I’ve watched tranny finders till the end, didn’t regret it

  3. I love the song that critters used… classic

  4. critters n ktb u betta ask somebody

  5. If i had a dollar for every kid with tight pants and skinny stance i would own my own island resort.

  6. j is right, sick of all the kids acting like their from portland

  7. i am from portland…

  8. critters are whats really. tranny finders are wit it as well.

  9. does anyone ride street anymore?



  12. Dollar edit is fire! Mystery District is on point with its edits.

  13. TF edit was on point.
    Shout out to jake st. john in the mystery district edit too

  14. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a corrugated pipe and 600 lbs of weed?

  15. loved the shots in tranny finders, good filming, quality, and tricks

  16. I liked all of them, Tf and critters killed it

  17. bubbles yeahh!!! trailer park boys

  18. we are officially dealing with a fucking samsquanch

  19. Sun Valley is the worst place in the world

  20. why does sun valley suck? looks pretty fun to me?

  21. I live in Idaho and Sun Valley is terrible. It’s a bunch of hippies who made it in life and now are so smug they smell their own farts. Their kids are drop out stoners who beat their dicks to their self satisfied garbage. And their park is a skier setup. Skiers suck.


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