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Heavy Levitation

The performance base layer business must be good, as the Levitation Project apparently has a helicopter now? Whatever is going on over there, it made for an insane little 2011 team edit.

Riders: Bode Merrill, Chris Coulter, Jeremy Thompson, Lonnie Kauk, Wyatt Caldwell, Austen Granger, Matty Mo, Jules Reymond, Romain DeMarchi, JP Solberg, Deadlung, and Neil Provo.

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  • bhmm..

    what is the levitation project??

  • maxhelm


  • Brent


  • darrah

    JULES !!

  • BuffaloJoe

    JP’s double cork at 1:01 is way sicker than any other i have seen. He put some style into that.

  • Andrew Aldridge

    this is awesome

  • Sam

    levitation project rocks. they really care about snowboarding and they are some good people. support.

    JP has been defining what I consider good style in the air since, well, transcendence.

  • new kings

    watch and watch more- this company will be bringing dakine to their knees once their packs come out! please release more products next fall

  • less money

    so sick, gotta be one of the most “real” snowboard crews out there. in it for the fun, one cannot hate on that.

  • YES

    FUCK YES!! That was sick!

  • mark

    if you dont like every second of this you do not like snowboarding.

  • Doobers

    First time I’ve ever heard Rush in an edit. good taste.

  • zach

    that was the sickest switch back1 ever at 1:09. held it for dayyyyys.

  • Jimbo

    ^agreed… suuuuper style on that one.

    I love that Deadlung’s sole trick in there was a fat Method. Way to rep the old-guy style. I would love to see a full-length vid with this crew

  • Bags O Ass

    Guns, Eagles, Metal, and Shred. Fuck yeah.

  • thats wah sup

    Holy Fuck these guys have come a long way

  • spliffed

    freshest shit ive seen in long time

  • JohnG

    Wow, that was a stacked crew…. Mix of urban and powder is where its at!

  • wtf

    wtf is levitation project? Whatever is it that edit was sick!