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The Runs Episode 9: Park Laps with The Griffins

Check out a couple mellow laps at Boreal with EB shop homies Brandon Griffin and Ryan Griffin. Damn, 20 degrees and gray in New England…Tahoe looks like nice about now…wise decision on the transplant, gentlemen. Next week, get ready for some of that Waterville Valley Front Country.

/Tommy J/Peepin' Tom (whichever you decide)...NHD
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Comments (19)

  1. works for me. keeps my internet glory going. thanks

  2. Jerm you don’t have fucking internet glory. Nobody likes or respects your comments. Get over yourself.

  3. 1:45 is the worst slasher attempt ive ever seen. youre from the east coast, youre supposed to be good at that sorta thing. make us proud now.

  4. love me some griffins!

  5. heff im trying to get over myself but all the sherpas are currently booked.

  6. aaron you are very right, i’ve seen better rejected edits than this. i cant believe yobeat is willing to put their logo in this. damn shame

  7. i think eastern boarder will personally lose business from this edit.

  8. uhgg. that was weak. for real sponsored by yobeat and EB?!