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The Burn Units: Gigi Rüf, Ståle Sandbech & Arthur Longo

Everything is cooler when you light it on fire. So much so, we almost got tricked into posting an energy drink ad as a feature. Anyway, even though this is hanging out in the news section, it’s worth watching.

“This planet is alive. If only we could know what it knows, see what it sees. Sometimes you feel like it’s trying to tell you something, showing you where to look, how to see. Lighting up the darkness ahead, illuminating your soul.”

Burn is honoured and excited to announce ‘Alive’, featuring The Burn Units, a rider-led initiative headed by the legendary Austrian snowboarder Gigi Rüf, star of many a Pirate Movie Production and hands-down one of the most stylish riders on the planet. In ‘Alive’ Gigi is joined by fellow Burn Units riders Norwegian freestyle prodigy StÃ¥le Sandbech and ultra-smooth French sensation Arthur Longo.

Filmed on location in Vorarlberg, Austria at Gigi’s uncle’s cabin last December, this was one of the most ambitious projects yet undertaken in snowboard filmmaking: shooting backcountry action by electric light and moonlight. As Director Per-Hampus StÃ¥lhandske put it, “there are so many things that can go wrong when you make a snowboard film: the weather, the snow, the light, the riders… adding darkness and studio lights to the mix was a huge risk, but mother nature was with us every step of the way. An amazing experience.”

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Check out our behind-the-scenes shots over on Flickr

Meet the Burn Units team at the Billabong Air&Style in Innsbruck from February 4-5. Head to for info

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  1. riders are good, filming is good

    story is cheesy, same goes for after effect


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