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Sur La Rue: Another Week in Norway

Good snow in the city, pretty women, good food, an un-understandable language, still dark outside at 8am — we’re still in Oslo, Norway. We got some good stuff going and still pretty stoked about being here. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m not there anymore, I had to fly back home… I’ll explain in a minute. But part of the crew is still in Scandinavia, and I wish was still there. I liked it so much I kept saying I might move over there.

This is normal what happen when you stay in the same hotel room for more then a week. You have Cavan’s pile on the right, my pile on the left and Laurent wears everything he brought so he doesn’t really have a pile…

We went out one night and I saw that sign on the wall. I didn’t see any pick pockets but I definitely saw some loose women…

Damn, Look who’s got a shovel in his hand,there must be something going on…

That’s why, I’m really not proud about it but I popped my elbow…this sucks big time and that’s why I’m back home. I have a week in a full cast to do and a little bit of rehab to do after. Could be worse.

In Oslo airport, we found this amazing sculpture. I thought it represented Laurent pretty well.

I met up with Halldor at the airport. We were on the same flight from Oslo to Newark. Funny how penises are funny, it gave me a good laugh for sure.

This is how stoked we were to see each other.

Oh yeah, we snowboarded too.

On a totally unrelated note, take a look a this video. This is unreal. I’m backin’ it.

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Comments (4)

  1. This sur la rue stuff is the most boring feature ever.

  2. that video is crazy that guy has good style too

  3. this is my new favorite skateboard video, he is better than LNP and Jed anderson mixed together!


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