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Gingers, G’s and the Culvert of Doom just dropped another fiery edit from Whistler, and to foster conversation (we assume) they left it up to the readers to come up with something brilliant and witty to call it. We had to give it to the first guy who commented.

Riders: E-man, Jon V, Cody, Ben Poechman, Chris Fellner, Gord Birnie and possibly some others

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Comments (13)

  1. god damn the whis park edits have been fire lately

  2. Fun rail edit! Are there any jumps at Whistler?

    I don’t know if claiming to be a “Gingerbread man” is so hot, I mean his face gets all sorts of frosting… not so thug.

  3. more gangster then gucci’s Brrr tat

  4. These guys always put some solid edits. Much needed after a long day of classes.

  5. no one cares about your classes logan. save your lame comments for reelcomp

  6. That’s funny you say that, acting core and all. It’s okay I get it.You consider yourself a “real” snowboarder. The truth is however, you’re commenting on fucking yobeat.

  7. Wrong Logan, infamous, you fucking retard. Sorry, other Logan.

  8. I care about your classes Logan… I care about all gods creatures and their classes.

  9. Chris Fellner slays the rails and the bitches


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