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The Runs Episode 7: Mid-Atlantic Magic

This week, some of the Eastern Boarder heads headed down to Big Boulder in PA and to Mountain Creek in NJ for some of that Mid-Atlantic flavor (it tastes a lot like Yuengling.) It was well-worth the drive for any New England native. Check Tanner McCarty, Kade Madsen, Ben Ross, Jordan Soohy, Hardbodies, Danny Voegal, and some others cruise around New Jersey and PA. Thanks to Ian and everyone at Big Boulder, we’ll be back.

/Tommy J/Peepin' Tom (whichever you decide)...NHD
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  • Drake

    Timing on Tanners noseblunt with the song was sick

  • Auger

    Tanner is my favorite snowboarder ever.



  • GPage

    wheres big boulder relative to pittsburgh?

  • Bearcub Mandela

    Yay Boardin’ Jordan and Danny “Free Dinner” Vogel!

  • Blake Geis

    eastern boarder needs to hook these dudes up with a camera other than a go pro

  • munth


  • peter dolche

    worst of em all

  • TDKyle

    Its funnnzzyyy shreddinnn SIT ON A BEER!

  • jerm

    john thompsom and kade, always got the goods.

  • jacques

    more tanner please.

  • magoo

    its brian rourke not ryan, hes my boy, not as single shot of the down 40′ flatbar, come on