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Mountain Creek’s Third Rail

Oh gawd, another rail jam video! But don’t worry, this little edit is actually of a private shoot with Aaron Blatt and it’s totally artsy and only has one skier.

Riders: Chris Beresford and Mountain Creek locals Tom Weiss, Kade Madsen, Timmy Kempson, Brett Struthers and friends.
Edit: Jay Cagney

Check out the actually contest edit where top honors went to Dom Luza here.

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Comments (18)

  1. that down rail is way too tall.

  2. That hand rail is built to standard stair railing height. get a grip.

  3. Sick editing and filming man. Also the set up looks so fun!

  4. marc obviously does’nt understand sarcasm

  5. making all those snow stairs must have taken so long.

  6. what was that for just a secret sesh? sweet setup

  7. put all that work into making snow stairs then the rail was practically ride on

  8. ^^ right? Its still a fun setup to ride though. that donkey is gnarly!

  9. i bet they said that rail was set up street style too haha

  10. tom weiss last trick killed it! that was burly.

  11. he fell off the box 2 feet early on that last trick. dang yo. this vid was weak

  12. you know a photog shot the video when its 100% static shotz

  13. I wish they let the riders know there was a filmer…

  14. ^right? woulda made a way better edit. most un-organized photo shoot ever

  15. NIce hand work. looks great. Nice to see a 413 rider in too


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