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The Runs Episode 6: Waterville Valley

WATERVILLE VALLEY! Eastern Boarder Team Riders Pat Moore, Chris Carr, Ted Lavoie, and Luke Mathison alongside EB homie Chris Grenier and a cast of others cruise around Waterville Valley, one of the best snowboard parks in the biz. Stay tuned for next weeks episode, EB in the Mid Atlantic. Pray for snow. Keep it fun!

/Tommy J/Peepin' Tom (whichever you decide)...NHD
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Comments (12)

  1. I respect Grenier for being the only pro in this video who was not ‘too cool’ to actually do tricks.

  2. Haha, that was fun. I didn’t realize Pat Moore even KNEW how to go small…

  3. i have a good feeling tommy j will be cracking the top 10 on 2011s exposure meter.


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