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Rejected Edits with Guest Editor Jerm

This week, birds randomly fell from the sky and thousands of fish died for no apparent reason. These are things we should take seriously. However, videos of snowboarding are not serious and neither is this section. For that reason, we gave the floor to Jeremiah Paquette aka Jerm. His opinions are not representative of Yobeat as a whole, however, we do find them amusing, which is really all we can hope for with the apocalypse so near. If you are offended, we recommend not sending us videos anymore.

Gunstock’ Livin Part 4

You guys got some love for past edits, then you just got lazy with this one. Homeboy has some aggressive slides and presses. Is maximum sound made while sliding the new high press? Not a bad edit, but why should it be featured on an extremely popular snowboard site?

Bear Creek Opening Weekend from Phoster Films

You started off trying to make us think something sick was going to happen with all the slow mo and slowly building song. When it comes time for the action we get Johnny rad and his buddy with half assed/bad styled/crooked tricks. Come on guys, get with it. You might be the best riders at your hill that no ones ever heard of before but I’m guessing since you have access to the internet you have seen other snowboarding and should know what’s happening. It’s certainly not high speed, wild, 2-inch-high flat box tricks and slow mo’d no grab-vertical toe kick (what was that by the way?) fs 360s. But it’s cool, you have fresh gear and an expensive camera…

Holiday Edit

I knew it was going to be a rough edit to watch after the slow mo’d zeach opener. Did you guys find some sort of new effect while editing that constantly shakes the camera? You should share this knowledge with Hollywood, there’s sure to be a large batch of apocalypse movies coming out soon that are going to need such an effect. Now about that halfpipe run, get rid of the snow and the snowboard, add some concrete and a skateboard and you might be able to get away with ankle high airs. This is a prime example of “why do you want other people to see this?” You should know there is a difference between filming the day to show your family and making an edit to submit to a website.

North Carolina Slack Country

Is this video real? This looks like something someone’s mom filmed and meant to send to the relatives with a card saying “you’ll never believe what the boys were doing yesterday when it snowed!” I almost would have rather watched another tube edit from Yawgoo valley than this… almost. How many times did you think we wanted to watch you fall on your face in that ditch? That was barely Americas Funniest Videos quality, Bob Saget would have definitely rejected this.
P.s. Do you really listen to music like that?

Slaying Stevens from Matt Wainhouse

Alright guys you’ve made your point, Stevens Pass is sick, assholes. No one thinks you’re cool after watching an edit like that, we’re just all pissed that you’re rubbing something that good in our faces. So take you self filmed schussing edit and beat it.

Now we hand it back to you, polls for each video are hard, but this one is of the utmost importance:

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Comments (44)

  1. the first video is at least 10 times better than this “trannyfinders” crap edit from a view edits before!

  2. Slaying Stevens made me want to ride way more than most of the crap Ive seen recently. That drainage was so sketchy.

  3. please dont let jerm do this again… he once pooped in a gondola just to dutch oven himself

  4. poorest representation of bear creek. ever. place is fun, and there’s a lot more talent than THAT..

  5. Good to see that your hate has payed off. Just remember your lucky people don’t hear your voice crack through text.

  6. ^ i just want to be like you ralph

  7. yobeat you really blew that one, KTB killed trannyfinders by a longshot

  8. wheres that jerm footy? i want to see some 50-50 swivel 180 action.

  9. Why would you laugh at the north carolina edit? those kids found patches of snow and dirt and had a good time. Seriously, they probably just started snowboarding and Jerm had to make fun of them because they weren’t lapping the park at Mt. hood.


  11. speaking of jerm footy! I just watched all the jerm edits on vimeo. I feel bad for him because he is a talentless snowboarder/film maker and appears to be lonely at Vail. get on there, check em out, and loose what little respect you may have had. don’t come to steven’s pass it sucks.

  12. ^im glad you took such an interest in my life as to watch all the edits. if youd to follow me more closely heres my blog its got more jerm than you could ever want.

  13. nobody cares about snowboarding, faggots

  14. That Holiday edit was so trife. TF rapes all this.

  15. HAHAHA i watched those videos i can’t believe thats the guys who hates on everything on here. jerm is wack

  16. I did enjoyed the information shared at this site. Thank you.

  17. at the end of the day, if jerms comments get to you that much, you shouldnt even post vids. i thinks its hilarious, the first edit was good

  18. dint watch or read this but jerm for life. blog is tite, sandwiches look good.

  19. jerm you wear saga. nuff said.

  20. if anyone saw trash attack a hundred years ago they know that jerm prolly has an idea of what hes talking about

  21. smerc youd turn down free outerwear? or are you still on that “skiing is gay” thing? its all the same and all dumb.

  22. jerm with the early morning defensive post. what a herb. the rejected edits thing is hilarious though. i vote to let him do it again.

  23. why’s this dood so depressed and grouchy? the blog is titled life of a miserable man, dood chill out n get happy, you need some meds or somethin, even if your being sarcastic I think your takin it a little too far. C’mon dood it’s jus snowboarding.

  24. the mt hood edits that those kids make are really bad

  25. jerm is soooooo not that chill for even thinking his hate is chill by not even being funny by trying to use the same joke twice by farting on a weird social network in his videos and for loving his farts so much and not being actually chill and for hating on kids going for whatever they can get.

  26. not everyone has to hug each other and laugh all the time to be happy. i find it odd that people need to show themselves doing such things to prove they are having fun.

  27. that video of stevens doesnt mention that if you go to the resort, you will not find 95% of that stuff with out somones assistance. stay at home.

  28. i was going to say, promote don’t demote but being that the only “humor” on this site is found in exploiting people who don’t really know what else to do besides being like everyone else( by posting videos). a kid who might actually have natural style on the board could become like, wrought with over thinking that he or she isn’t doing something right, so i mean yea, this probably doesn’t matter, but in some cases it might. you know you’d be dropping that dirt patch. if it was actual mud, or some stain on someones panties. hah

  29. North Carolina Slack Country So sick, KTB also killing it

  30. nice link ralph! top notch jerm footy right there most of it from the 07 trash attack video. its actually better without the techno song the original video featured. my favorite parts were the cab 180 no grab to knuckle on the 15 footer, the half ass backlip, and all those 50 50 swivels.

  31. Dear Jerm,

    As someone who has dealt with your sometimes hilarious but mostly bullshit comments I must give you this piece of advice. Do not, I repeat, do not, comment on your own article in defense of your opinions. Your writing wasn’t gold, but it did have promise. Don’t come off looking like a total hack, pussy, cry baby because people don’t like what you do. You’ll end up putting a gun in your mouth.

    Nice Effort,

    Nick Lipton

  32. Why would you let Jerm do this segment when you already have a master of articulate shit-talking: the one and only Mr. Nicholas Lipton?
    If you really want to create an interesting segment, let those 2 compete over who is “king of criticism.” I’ll bet $23 Nick’s commentary would be more hilarious and overall entertaining to read.

  33. Jerm’s just angry because in Tim W’s old sterile age, he has no more need for Jerms jerk off services n now he has to pay for summer camp like all the other 13 year olds.

  34. jerm now that i know exactly who you are, i am going to spit directly in your face when i see you

  35. A “best of Jerm” article would smack a lotta sense into these chillens. THE commenter of 09/10

  36. Jerm: Works a shitty job, makes shitty videos, does shitty moves on a snowboard, yet somehow feels entitled to mock kids half his apparent age?

    the cancer that’s killing snowboarding IMHO.

  37. Oh yeah, and he also has the gall to comment in his own defense. Tool.

  38. mmm this thread has too many comments.

  39. Jerm’s hilarious, But I do think that slaying stevens was a really sick little edit. Too bad first person edits are fuckin played, because they did well.


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