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The 2010 Bald E-Gal Cup

The Youth Shelter Supply’s
annual jib jam happened December 28th, 2010 at Powder Ridge, MN. There were pros, bros and very few hos (we assume with it being a snowboard event and all.) Here’s the official video courtesy of Mike Thienes and the crew at Bald E-gal.

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Comments (10)

  1. thats probably the best jam set up ive ever seen. and did that guy really try to double back that jump? wow.

  2. epic edit

  3. I could watch Nova snowboard all day

  4. yep Nova goes off. Most talented midwester ever.

  5. The front 3 onto the kink just blew my mind.

  6. Robb Olson won the cup… Rp, nova, brent, tony, all could have won it. A lot went down in 30 min sess

  7. soo sick

  8. Very nice nova.
    Nice gear too dawg!


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