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The Official YoBeat Awards Show 2010

We made it to the end of 2010, and honestly, let’s hope we make it to 2012. With war, poverty, a food shortage and a water crisis (not to mention some bullshit Mayan calendar) things are looking bleak. But, that’s the beauty of being a snowboarder — we don’t really care. Sure, we say we do, but really? Nope. Admit it, and enjoy your picks for this year’s best in our business.

The most bullshit trend of the year is moving to NYC. While the Big Apple appeals to millions, if not billions, it’s not know for its powder, or hills in general. Sure, a filming trip could work out, but if you decide to move into a bedbug-infested apartment with 18 of your closest pals, you’ve officially quit snowboarding.

The Olympics, Dew Tour, X Games, TTR, rail jams left and right and, oh god who cares! We all know filming is still the way to go. Let’s hope some impressionable 14-year-old kisds are reading.

We can still remember asking, “Who the fuck is Forrest Bailey?” and then he won everything. This rail jam, that rail jam, wowee. After that he landed a pro model, snagged a hammer section in Dump Em Out, and went on to appear in a plethora of ads and more importantly, peoples’ minds. For those that saw him riding this summer, or any point last winter, it’s obvious Forrest knows how to shred.

Sure, Nick Dirks snapped his leg in half and a few dudes wrecked their spines, but Kevin Pearce got fucking flattened chasing a dream. Reports show he’s doing pretty well these days and his spirits are high. Amazing considering what he’s been though. Either way, he’s earned Slam of the Year and been an inspiration to an industry.

Jess Kimura spent years breaking herself. She was basically a human wrecking ball. These days she’ll still beat you to a pulp, but more importantly, she’ll out shred you. It’s a total bummer for any dude in her consciousness, but her riding is getting gnarly — could she be the one to break the barrier?

Sure, he didn’t win the X Games or huck a triple cork, but after two of the most successful years we can remember, it makes sense that Yobeat readers would push this kid to the top. Not only did Jed have more votes than anyone else, but he pretty much blew them away. Either you guys are retarded, or Jed’s the man of 2010.

Videograss won, although ThinkThank was close. So sort of they both won! But really, VG’s sophomore release showed a bit different style than the first, but now as the crew heads into their third year with multiple movies planned it seems as though we’re watching a legend in the making. It’ll be fun to look back on when people stop making DVDs  next year.

Don’t agree? Go watch the Yobeat Movie of the Year, Bon Voyage. A few hammers, then more hammers, then air time, then some shit we don’t know about and then a seizure inducing few minutes of constant craziness. Every trick you, your bum friends and this years’ pros will ever hope to land, all in one video part. Nuts.

The whole “film everything” mentality we have today had GoPro looking like a leader. But our generation’s lack of ingenuity and craftsmanship made Banshee Bungee the clear winner. Why build and transport a drop-in ramp when you can just sling shot into the rail with more speed and a more controlled run in? Yeah, we’re lazy too.

Undisputed, controversial, and ultimately unforgettable–thanks Lago. The Olympics are kind of a bummer for snowboarding. Of course they bring in the bucks, let Shaun White make more video games and all that good stuff, but they also make snowboarders look like ballerinas or X-treme DUDES to the world, both lame. Anyway, when Scotty Lago used his medal as a fake penis, and then got some Asian to suck it, he showed the world the true meaning of snowboarding! Oh yeah buddy, you reminded people who we are, and because of that, you’ve won Yobeat’s Moment of the Year.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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  1. Pop shuvits would not be cool in skateboarding if your front foot was always attached… why the hell doesn’t “TRJJ” get it?