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Rail Gardens “THE MOVIE” Teaser

Mad tricks, mad lips, mad homies, no homo. Club Boya sets out to log as many tricks at the Rail Gardens as possible. I hear Ted Borland has compiled a list of some never-been-done-next-level-shit. Clubboya das wuhsuhh!

Featuring: Justin Keniston, Dave Kerwin, Ted Borland, Brandon Hammid, Matty Mo, Johnny Brady, Parker Duke, Jayell White, Matt Piasecki tha rula, and that Roobz kid.

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Comments (10)

  1. A movie about boarding in the rail gardens? BORRRINGGG! How many times can you watch a dude 270 onto a mellow practice rail. comoonnnn.

    I’d rather watch a documentary on Carrot Top’s snowboarding career.

  2. ratdog i cant wait to change your mind

  3. “I’d rather watch a documentary on Carrot Top’s snowboarding career.” hahahahaha yes please!

  4. I can’t even imagine it’s all that fun to even hit the same rail that many times… let alone watch someone do it.

  5. Brent, it was really fun hitting those rails over and over again; sorry you weren’t there.
    I am not apart of but fully support LUNCH RAMP GANGGG