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Gremlinz Kingvale Mini Movie

RIP Kingvale. 2008-2010?

Get wit it

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Comments (12)

  1. the best there is. sad there can be no more times like this at kingvale

  2. God I miss your switch backflip attempts at kingvale Jerm.

  3. i blame the gin for that expose.

  4. what the hell? Kingvale was the best park out there. So fun seriously. Damn, it’s sad.

  5. jerm you kno who summited the cement mixer first too.

  6. Seriously, it’s just a huge bummer it had to end that way. It’s too bad that everyone who rode there was dirt poor, otherwise maybe they’d find a good piece of land to set back up on

  7. Maybe I should start double-checking after I post under a comically fake name, you know, just to make sure I’m still not posting under it…

  8. Good edit though, I miss it

  9. i am gonna miss kingvale, really sick edit though!

  10. this place looks sick! what happened to it?


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