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Scott E. Wittlake’s New Snowboard

Just watch.

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (10)

  1. That is both the coolest and worst idea in snowboarding. I love it!

  2. good to see scotty back on the shralp

  3. [x] will work in powder, I guarantee it.

    This is the kind of shit that makes Lib still okay. Here’s lift line at Alpental three seasons ago, Olson riding his “little man in the canoe.” It was a pow day, and it worked okay:

  4. isn’t he on stepchild or something.

  5. Is that super magne-traction?

  6. I can’t believe that shit actually worked. I love the comment where the kid is like “is it good for those spinny butter things?” and scott is like “well yeah, that would be included in everything wouldn’t it?”


  7. Proves Whitlake can ride anything….and make it look it fun!