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How to Be Cool with Lib’Ems and Em’Bys

Libby and Emily know what’s up. Being cool is all the rage.

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Comments (49)

  1. i found myself slicing my wrists vertically about 30 seconds in…

  2. fuck 720. you think your cool becuase you had sex with a pro skiier? get real

  3. haha what a good joke, woman snowboarding

  4. I mean everyone knows that shit was dumb.. but candy grind has to stop.. dont buy there product its over priced and made by little korean kids in sweat shops.. no bullshit

  5. snowboarding is a joke. i thought this edit was funny. Sometimes i feel like its more important to drink pbr and wear random flare then it is to enjoy the sport. Snowboarding is just one big cliché. grow your own personality kids is the message i got out of this. 2 thumbs up

  6. it’s rad how much commotion this ignites. snowboarding with your homies and having fun doing it is all that matters… AND if your homies happen to be good looking ladies who kill it, then that’s even better.

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