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How to Be Cool with Lib’Ems and Em’Bys

Libby and Emily know what’s up. Being cool is all the rage.

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Comments (49)

  1. This seemed like it was put together by 16 year old girls.
    Oh wait…

  2. i thought this was gay until i realized they actually are better than most trendy locals who make their cool youtube edits

  3. Trash, it is supposed to be a joke…

  4. Emily’s voice makes me wish I was deaf and everything about Libby is annoying as hell.

  5. this should of been rejected……

  6. Girls on snowboards is not cool

  7. keep this stuff to your self no one wants to see this shit

  8. Throwing the vibes out at keystone!!!

  9. Why the hell did this even get put on here. Don’t condone this shit Yobeat, come on..

  10. Guess this gives me something to talk about at power hour?

  11. i guess the doors open for all shitty videos now

  12. Holy fucking Zeach party

  13. this wasn’t worth putting down my hand mirror I was using to look at my vagina.

  14. The funniest part about this was women snowboarding who were better than me. The other parts weren’t too good though. Would have been better if they exploited themselves a little more.

  15. Calm down. If you hate it don’t take your time to tell everyone.

  16. does everyone know this is supposed to be a joke. i cant tell if trolls are trolling or if people are legitimatly being complete retards and thinking their serious.

  17. k i dont think anyone questions that this was supposed to be a joke, but it is still painful to watch. and not really funny at all

  18. dont be posting vids of females in the snow unless there is some dump shots come on now

  19. everyone is just mad that they aren’t up on this.. and probably a little jealous too at how well emily can quote southpark

  20. yeah…. these girls arent being funny, they are describing themselves perfectly. these keystone hipsters are exactly what they are joking about. yet they pretend they are joking about someone else…

  21. this video is so sick. these girls are actually pretty talented snowboarders too. everything in this is funny because its all the cliches of snowboarding. if you didnt enjoy this, youre taking this shit to seriously.

  22. these girls kill it ive seen them at keystone libby is hot

  23. you the most important one.. have sex with pro snowboarders and skiers that are popular.

  24. whaadddupp video Vixxxens

    I think its funny

  25. I had sex with a pro skier once, if anyone can guess who (it was a girl smart guy) I’ll send you a code for 40% anything @ 720 boardshop

  26. Girls, put the hooker heels back on. We shouldnt be snowboarding.

  27. Hooker heels, yes. Jessi I would do you in the butt

  28. I bet you would fucking mountain slut

  29. Stop picking on the 15yr old girl by the way

  30. i found myself slicing my wrists vertically about 30 seconds in…

  31. fuck 720. you think your cool becuase you had sex with a pro skiier? get real

  32. haha what a good joke, woman snowboarding

  33. I mean everyone knows that shit was dumb.. but candy grind has to stop.. dont buy there product its over priced and made by little korean kids in sweat shops.. no bullshit

  34. snowboarding is a joke. i thought this edit was funny. Sometimes i feel like its more important to drink pbr and wear random flare then it is to enjoy the sport. Snowboarding is just one big cliché. grow your own personality kids is the message i got out of this. 2 thumbs up

  35. it’s rad how much commotion this ignites. snowboarding with your homies and having fun doing it is all that matters… AND if your homies happen to be good looking ladies who kill it, then that’s even better.


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