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Fox News Can Even Mispresent Snowboarding

We know you guys get upset when we bring up “the real world” but Jeremy Jones landed himself a slot on Fox Business News for his amazingly risky decision to start his own company in “this economy.” As we’ve already said, Jeremy’s movie Deeper is definitely worth checking out, but even though they were talking about snowboarding in this segment, we couldn’t make it through this whole right-wing bullshit segment. Impressive, really.


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Comments (14)

  1. every dude in this video is really weird.

  2. jimbo, have you been to tahoe lately? you do have to fight bears off w/ sticks to take out the trash!

  3. Hah, true. Maybe I should’ve said hand-to-hand combat, cause I’m pretty sure she thought I had an ursine sparring partner. People who don’t live in the mountains are so funny, they just don’t understand. They think Kings Beach is “in the woods”