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Some heavy midwest park stunting at Trollhaugen in the rain, snow and snow-rain.

Riders: Jeffy Gabrick, Jordan Daniels, Ethan Deiss, Cole Linzmeyer, Brett Spurr.

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Comments (16)

  1. wtf is park stunting?

  2. ethan on burton? that sucks

  3. sumbuddy tel me da naym of dis sawng ASAP

  4. if ethan’s on burton im gunna be so bummed. he lost his style now that he is on that board, w/e one that is. he looked so sick on the black black snowboard/camber..not that flimsy shit he is on now….f***

    he shud of stayed with his original sponsor and hyped em up as hes getting bigger..esp with casanova on the team ….and some up and commers