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Black Friday with the Thirsty Convoy at Meadows

While you were at the mall, the Thirsty Convoy was finding powder stashes at Mt. Hood Meadows. Ok, let’s be honest, those jerks are way too drunk to put together a next-day edit, so this footage is actually from the first week of the Meadows season, which has included several sunny pow days, and it really spoiling us Oregonians.

Riders: Matty Gonzales, Jeff Blaylock, Kellen Broderick, Enzo Plati, Adam Fleck, Corey Noble, Jimmy Weisgerber, Ryan Falk, Jordan Welter, Jeff Rudinski.
Edit: Adam Fleck

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Comments (12)

  1. Next day edits are impossible if you’re any kind of real snowboarder

  2. Now that I’ve watched the vid I gotta say good thing they didnt try to rush it cus that edit was SICK! looked sooo fun!

  3. meadows lookin sick with the new features.

  4. Yeah fleck!!!! that was tight

  5. projact pat or ying yang twins?


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