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L1 Episode 2: L1’s Kids at Brighton

Things have filled in slightly at Brighton in the last few days. Hopefully you’ll still be able to find enjoyment in this video of L1 ams Justin Keniston, Darrah Mclean, and Johnny Brady, cruising early season.

This video brought to you by L1 Outerwear.

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (17)

  1. Fuck yeah Keniston

  2. Big coffees make messy dumps, keniston holding it down from Maine

  3. Hey Johnny, Gyp, Darrah, Pat… Good job on this one.

  4. Yeah! Boardjumpz everywhere! hell yeah Justin


    this video rules!

  6. Yeah JohnnyB getting after it!!!

  7. apparently johnny brady is my american idol?

  8. Come to think of it, JB IS my American Idol and forever will be.

    Hey Tonino- Buy Johnny into bHappy!

  9. stop!


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