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VOTE FOR THE WINNER: Union Custom House x CAPiTA Ultrafear Bindings

CAPiTA teamed up with Union on these super limited Ultrafear bindings that you know you want. To help make you want them more, they sent us a pair to give away. As usual, we’re not just going to hand them over, we want to make you put in a little effort and maybe entertain us in the process. So here’s what you’re gonna do: Everyone has a binding horror story, that missing strap you don’t notice ’til the top of the lift, or pigeon toed stance you accidentally set up while drunk. Maybe worse. We wanna hear them, and the person with the in the best one (as chosen by YoBeat, or maybe a vote, we’ll see how good they are) will be the proud owner of this pair of Union Custom House x CAPiTA Ultrafear Bindings. To enter, write your story in the comments below before Friday, Nov, 19. Be sure to use your real email address so we can contact you if you win. And make em good, we’re tough critics.

It was officially making our brains hurt to pick a winner from all of these entries. You guys really out did yourselves. So to make this fun (and easier on us), we’re putting it to a vote. We picked 5 of our favorite comments with just the right mix of pain, suffering, heartache and shit talking, and put them in this poll. You can read the comment below, then vote for who you think is the most deserving. There is also a write in option, where if you are a jerk, you will vote for yourself. So don’t be a jerk. But if you think we blew it, you can vote for any comment you want (please write in the number only.)

Voting will end first thing Monday morning. Whoever has the most votes, gets the prize. the end.

This giveaway brought to you by CAPiTA Snowboards. For more info, check out

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Comments (137)

  1. About an hour into a morning commute I heard a clunk on the highway.
    As I looked up through the moon roof the boards were still on the rack.
    As we arrived to the mountain, and I get out of the car.
    Some child we parked next to asked why I didn’t bring my other binding.
    Then I realized what the clunk was. FUUUUUU

  2. @burrittoz
    dude 😀 thas the funniest story ever!

    I don’t have a binding horror storry… have union forces 😛

  3. so i have same story as josh p, but i have more. so about four years ago i started snowboarding again. so i had to get a new set up on a budget so i spend most of my money on a the new k2 www that year and have less for bindings so i get two year old brand new flow binds you know the slip on kind (oh and i was sponsered too that year by my mom). there kind of like bindings but with out the feel or trust you need surounding your feet. so one nice cloudy day in washington im crusing with friend up to the lift line not listing to the slow down signs to make that steezzzy ending to sweet run (like a bat out of hell is more like it), i catch a fat edge and some how both yeah i said both boots fly out of my binders and my board flys up and the edge hit both of my shins flush. after that day i didnt want to put my money makers in those death traps but i did for the rest of that season i heasitated on everything i did. its not like i was doing huge but a simple slash was skechy. i dont want to knock union but i want to tell the truth but i bought forces and they were heaven for a year and a half until one session mid slop style my top strap on the back right starts to come undone. i stop and try to fix it and i think i have it, stand up and comes right out so im riding down the mountain pretty much from the top top im crusing with only a toe strap i finally get it fixed and then a few weeks later i happened again. dont know how but i fixed them again with a series of blows from my fists. but yeah thats what im dealing with now. sorry about the spelling im in college.

    one love

  4. Bought new tool-free fully adjustable forum ATA binding (1999), every quick adjuster was broken after 2 days on the mountain and had to be replaced by screws. The Intersport Shop at the Top of Stubai Glacier was so nice to sell me screws for 5 euro/piece!

  5. I had a dream there was no snow. Super scariest thing of my life.

  6. at 2000 our local shop just sold burton bindings. the end.

    • Ok, I’m closing the comments on these and gonna pick a winner. Bear with me, might be a minute…

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