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VOTE FOR THE WINNER: Union Custom House x CAPiTA Ultrafear Bindings

CAPiTA teamed up with Union on these super limited Ultrafear bindings that you know you want. To help make you want them more, they sent us a pair to give away. As usual, we’re not just going to hand them over, we want to make you put in a little effort and maybe entertain us in the process. So here’s what you’re gonna do: Everyone has a binding horror story, that missing strap you don’t notice ’til the top of the lift, or pigeon toed stance you accidentally set up while drunk. Maybe worse. We wanna hear them, and the person with the in the best one (as chosen by YoBeat, or maybe a vote, we’ll see how good they are) will be the proud owner of this pair of Union Custom House x CAPiTA Ultrafear Bindings. To enter, write your story in the comments below before Friday, Nov, 19. Be sure to use your real email address so we can contact you if you win. And make em good, we’re tough critics.

It was officially making our brains hurt to pick a winner from all of these entries. You guys really out did yourselves. So to make this fun (and easier on us), we’re putting it to a vote. We picked 5 of our favorite comments with just the right mix of pain, suffering, heartache and shit talking, and put them in this poll. You can read the comment below, then vote for who you think is the most deserving. There is also a write in option, where if you are a jerk, you will vote for yourself. So don’t be a jerk. But if you think we blew it, you can vote for any comment you want (please write in the number only.)

Voting will end first thing Monday morning. Whoever has the most votes, gets the prize. the end.

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Comments (137)

  1. it was the first pow day of the year and i was super stoked and i had just purchased new binding so i woke up bright and early and quickly screwed my bindings on i headed up to the mountain and got strapped in at the top when something just wasn’t right and i looked at my bindings and they were on the opposite sides as they should have been so as my friends rode away i had to flag down people and ask them if they had a tool

  2. First run for our group at Whistler/Blackcomb.. finally made it to Whistler peak, and on the first traverse down, one of my buddy’s straps snapped off. Not a big deal; all he had to do was just get a replacement at the village down the mountain. The rest of the group make our way mid-mountain, where we find ourselves in the park. First person goes off a kicker, lands on the knuckle, and we hear a sound that we can only imagine is bones crunching. Fortunately, he just snapped his heelcup in half. A bunch of us hit the feature after, then buddy #3 goes down, and what do you know, his heelcup breaks off as well. I guess the gear shop made a pretty penny that day. Needless to say, the documentary that my friend filmed of the trip was appropriately named “Brokeback Bindings,” in honor of that first run that yielded three broken bindings in total.

  3. my bindings are old and shitty, they are horrific. I need new ones to shred. Peace

  4. Jeff the Intern clipped the back of my board with his board and I fell

  5. The first pair of bindings I had broke so many times the first two seasons that my email/ aim name was “IbreakBindings”. They started off as a pair of Forums but quickly turned into a frankenbinding mess that only had one original strap and a baseplate. I thought i was done with binding problems until my new pair last season had the baseplate break completely in half. It was a perfect day at Timberline so I didnt want to go inside for to long so I got some duck tape from the shop guys and rode them long enough that day for it to give out on the last run of the day giving me two black eyes and a solid headache.

  6. i bought a pair of contrabands thinking they’d be good, first day using them, the strap broke, i didnt notice, went to do a rail, my foot came out, and i hit my balls super hard and i will probably never be able to have kids again

  7. First day on a new pair of wonderful, shiny ride bindings. Make it to the top of the mountain, heading down towards the park…left binding, screws come unloose and get the classic wiggle foot. Right binding, screws somehow snap in half and binding, still attached to foot, comes right off. What would be a 2 minute ride down (if that) turned into a nice 20 minute walk. Bindings put in a box from there on in.

  8. 6th grade just learning how to swim out on the hill… tried some fancy one footed move skatin to the lift line and when I tried planting my foot back on my board, like a boss… she slipped out n I straight scrote slammed on the binding back… unless you have some sort of backwoods sexual connection with your bindings I dont think a broken strap will bring tears to your eyes like I had… keep your gear wrapped n your feet strapped is my motto

  9. I lost my toe strap one day while I was teaching someone how to snowboard. I thought it was gone forever. It snowed over the next few days. On the third day I was out teaching someone else how to snowboard. My student scorpioned so I went over to see if she was ok. Alas, I found my toe strap because she had caught her toe edge on it and fell.

  10. When I was a younger kid and living in VT and riding stowe mtn is when my binding story happened. I rode up big spruce lift (I think they call it sensation lift now, gay new name if you ask me) and got to the top to realize my back heal strap was completely broken off. I rode one footed the whole way down the icy east coast run (big spruce is not the easiest run either). O yea and stomp pads aren’t cool so it was real slippery. And I don’t remember being too angry. Lesson learned and my one footed riding got better. Now I live in the west, have better gear and have a lot of one footed riding under my belt. So let it f-in snow, I’m itching to ride lift service!

  11. So I was up on Mt Hood over the summer two years ago. I set up a shred stick with those crazy ride contraband binders the night before whilst a little inebriated. So I get on hill the next morning and strap the front foot in. I felt some serious pressure points, thinking to myself “wow these binders blow”. But there are no alternatives, so I get on the lift. The guy sitting next to me looks at my feet and says “you know those things are set up backwards right?” Turned out that in my drunken stupor I screwed the right binder on where the left one was supposed to go and vise versa. No screwdriver. Ride Contraband binders? Definitely not idiot proof.

  12. I had a comfortable pair of bindings until one day. I came off a rail and as I was turning around to watch my friends hit it. A bandana around the head, cut off sleaves wearing bro comes bombing down the hill and plowed right into me. It sent me flying tumbling down the hill. “Brian Deegan” then cursed me out saying I was in the way. The friken guy leaves. My friends laugh. I look down at my back binding and it was split in two. Bought some cheap bindings. Now i get cramps in my foot because they suck.

  13. I got a pair of Burton (yeah, you can tell it’s gonna be shit already) Missions a couple years back, and my first day riding them, for some reason my toe strap on my back binding kept coming loose and my boot kept slipping out. Thinking nothing of it, I just kept shoving the ladder strap back into the ratchet. Later did I find out that it was becuase the ratchet spring was loose, which stripped out the ladder strap. Eventually, the toe strap wouldn’t even close. It just kinda flopped back out. So I called Burton and was greeted by a very friendly Canadian, who said they would get the replacement ratchet and ladder strap to me within a week. Guess what I ended up spending two months waiting for?

  14. One time, I was rolling into an urban rail trying to nosepress. Right as I popped the ollie on, my front binding’s ankle strap decided to play a joke on me by coming completely off, letting my foot come right out. This, along with leaning forward for the nosepress caused the most awful nut/taco of my snowboarding career.

  15. I have been riding the same old bindings for about 5 years. I have been waiting to get Unions for a long time. The second year I had them I hit a jump and landed awkwardly which caused my front binding to somehow twist and turn directly at my back binding. My ankle hurt like a bitch. I had to ride down the rest of the run with my front foot unstrapped. My front base plate is permanently stripped, and this mishap is becoming the norm for me. It happens 3 or 4 times a year. It’s not a big deal to me anymore, and I feel like that’s not a good thing. Please save me from a broken ankle!

  16. I was hitting the wooden rail line at Henniger. I had super old bindings on my rail board and the back binding was missing the toe strap. Unbeknownst to me the screw holding the strap to the base had fallen out and it was held only by the thing that it screws into. Upon popping onto the rail the strap broke free and my foot came out completely. I was then castrated by the rail and the chewed up wood made it none too smooth on my groin. Following this incident I retired those bindings as the sight of them sends shivers through my manhood. I now swap my trustworthy bindings to my trash board for urban riding.

  17. This was a few years ago, when I first started boarding. It was my first trip out of New York, being from Brooklyn I have no concept of powder, besides that it is amazing. So I’m at Snowbird and it is the last day of the trip, and the first three days where sucky, just windswept and cold. The night before we had been dumped on, like two feet of fresh pow, but when I got to the top of the lift I noticed that my shitty rental bindings had broken. The toe strap fell off when I was on the lift, so I was going to have to pay the rental place extra and missing a sick day.

  18. My dad wantd me to go to europe with him on business, first class n ****, couldnt fit my bulky tech nine bindings in no economy seat anyway. told the crew to handle **** until i’m back, pussies in this town musta thought it was christmas with me not there.

    Chilled the **** out on the flight there, landed and told my dad id see him in 2 weeks. He was like “wtf” and i told him to wipe that look of his face, took his wallet, 2 platinum cards n my snowboard then i was outta there.

    pussy [email protected] couldnt get enough of my strng assed self as i strutted down some rue, sat my self down at a bar and ordered some strong beer, no bud light **** here son, and a couple o jacks to wash it down. Getting a nice buzz when some girl comes up and starst talking some language. i give her the universal look of stfu and shes all over my ****. I see her pussy boyfriend in the corner, he knows id put him down if he tried **** so he sneaks out like a b1tch.

    im enjoying the view of this frnehc 10 grinded on my lap giggling n ****, some crazy assed look in her eyes, i order another couple of beers and tell the barman to leave 2 bottles of jack on the side. Im chillin when i hear some german [email protected] talking across the bar, im like “wait here”, roll up my sleevs to my 18’s and get up to go over. This guy sees me coming over and he knew he was in trouble. Before he had a chance to speak i smashed my bindings in his face then slammed him into the bar top. Busted bindings, busted eurodouche. KO,. “Polska power bitch, cant inavde this son.”

    Me n the french 10 leave, shes all hot n **** seeing me wreck someone upside the head. Im like ” time for you to get the Pole”

  19. I bought new cadet dlx bindings and new nitro kooley board and took to the local hill for the first time to ride. I ride at Hyland Hills in mn, this place is a zoo with kids snaking and cutting people off. As i was cruising to the toe rope a lil punk snaked me and snagged the toe cap off my binding.. I didnt pay any attention to this and continued to hit the jump line. I was attempting a rode of the kicker without realizing my toe strap hand broken off and as I hit the lip to pop off my foot slid and lost balance in mid year, came crashing down on my shoulder and broke my collarbone a long with cracking my new kooley board. I’m a big union fan and would like a new pair of bindings this season so I can shred again. Thanks guys.

  20. so ive been riding for a few years now, and i just got a nice new snowboard set up for Christmas, the shop guy talked my dad into buying me Flows since “they were the best” despite my claims other wise. first day out on the new board im loving it, everything is going my way. i’m cracking turns and hitting rollers having the best time possible. then after lunch i decide to try my luck in the park, i go off the first jump that i’ve hit dozens of times before and everything is going right till i notice my front foot feels lighter then it should, look down realize my binding is still on my boot but no longer attached to my board. i hit the landing hard and awkward breaking my leg in 2 places and sidelining me for the rest of the season. turns out the same shop who sold my dad the board didn’t put in the right length screws when he assembled the it.

  21. In addition my name is Lucky… ironically i was not so lucky that day.

  22. so not only did i break my leg but i was stuck with flow bindings, which is worse you tell me

  23. I bought a pair of Burtons (I think they were Missions, maybe? I don’t remember now) several years back. I had been riding a pair of bindings that were attached to a board I spent less than $75 for (whole package). They were terrible, and I don’t even remember what they were, but on this day I was taking my then-girlfriend to Keystone and she needed some gear. I put my new bindings on her board so that she/her parents wouldn’t have to buy or rent since we would be riding the very next day. I promised her and her parents that I would not let her get hurt and get her home healthy and on-time. Offering her the new bindings seemed like the best thing to do.

    Well, those new bindings broke about halfway through the day. The left top strap fell off (presumably, it was never found) causing her to lose control just behind me. She tried to stop and another rider plowed into her at pretty high speed. We went to the car because she didn’t feel well after that, and decided to drive home.

    Turns out, she had a broken shoulder and is still going to physical therapy for it (this was something like 5 years ago at least). Her parents never forgave me for it, she has limited mobility in her shoulder and, ultimately, this tacitly and sometimes clearly contributed to the demise of our loving relationship and her subsequent move to Michigan. Long, sad story.

  24. This one time… I bought Flow bindings. The end.

  25. i was shredding a heavy ass pow day at one of the coastal mountains in Vancouver. Ate shit on this drop, tumbled to the cat track and somehow in the process my bindings wound up pigeon toed. It didn’t seem like a big deal – i’m thinking ill just grab a tool and set them back to 15, -15 but it wasn’t that easy. On my way down the rest of the mountain to the tech shop i realized i stripped one of my base plates and my front binding was all over the place. It reminded me of the base plates people are using these days to take one footed shit to the next level. Better yet, when i tried to unscrew the binding to replace my baseplate the bolts were seized. I reefed on a couple and then one finally gave – only problem was i guess it was seized so bad the threads of the bolt’ stayed in my insert and the core of the screw twisted out of them… somehow? Must have been cheap ass bolts… Unfortunately that was the end of my pow day plus i had to go spend 50 bucks on tapcons to re tap my insert so i could ride the next day… Worst tech malfunction i’ve ever had and hope it’s the worst i ever will.

  26. i just got a brand new pair of union contacts and was fuckin psyched on them and my friends and i were lapping this park and it was cold as hell that day so my friends went in for a little. I wasnt gonna let the cold stop me so i kept riding and i got on the six pack and it was me and and another guy on the lift. But a fuckin massive guy, the quintessential fat dude that does not belong on friction resisant board so we were getting off the lift and the all of a sudden i heard a woooooooooooooooo wooooooooooooo and i suddenly stopped short to turn around to see the 400lb dude on top of my binding completely snapped off a strap and cracked my high back. i wanted to kill the guy because those bindings were brand new and i spent a lot of money that i saved up on them, but i dont think he was gonna get up too quickly so that was enouh revenge but they had to get the ski patrol to pull the fuckin manatie out of the way from the lift. and i rode down one binding and my friends were pissing there pants. So yeaaa… thats my story, what a great fuckin day

  27. So my friend bought a new pair of boots before the season started (two years ago) and the boots did not properly fit in the bindings; the ankle strap was not large enough for the boots. So being the nice person I am, I let her use the ankle strap from my old Burton Custom’s, and they worked perfectly. This was all made possible because I had purchased new Rome bindings. While the Rome bindings were functional and solid, they did not have the comfort level of my old Burton bindings. Now the ratchet on one of the ankle straps is broken and I have not received the actual straps back from my friend which I’m sure, these straps are no longer usable. I would love to be able to put some new bindings onto my Capita board.

  28. was at this mountain with a buncha friends for ten days the first day were there i leave my board alone for 10 seconds and some asshole thinks its cool to steal boards so im super far away from home for ten days wacthing all my homies have the best time. still fucked

  29. My board fell of my broken roof rack while I was driving on the freeway, I pulled over got out and proceeded to play frogged on the freeway until I could see my board. Right after I saw it I watched as some ass hole in an SUV hits it. When I finally get to it I find one of my highbacks 100 feet down the freeway and the other was wrenched sideways still hanging on to my board. Basically my bindings were fucked but my already broken board was fine. I would also like to point out that my homies board fell of the roof as well but only my shit was damaged. I was so stoked.

  30. I have had a retarded amount of binding problems in my time.
    When I first started snowboarding, I set my bindings up on the wrong feet… Then went to go get a lesson and the teacher/coach/whateverthefuckyouwanttocallthem called me out on it. Not only were my bindings inside out, my stance was all sorts of goofy angles.
    then I got a pair of M4 bindings. Not sure EXACTLY what happened, but a toe strap broke, and because of the way the bindings were built, I was forced to buy a brand ass new pair of bindings, after half a season or so.
    Then with my new bindings, A TON of stuff went wrong. By now, they have one original ladder, the heelcups (and highbacks) are stuck in one place, the screws come loose every few hours of riding. They just are a general pain in the arse.
    In fact, when I broke my femur, my buddy had to POP my foot out of the binding because the heelcup didn’t fit the boot, thus the boots would get stuck up in the heelcup all the time, resulting in my foot/leg being forced out of the bindings, while writhing in pain due to a broken femur. FUN.
    Finally, 5 months after my break, I was riding ABasin and realized that in the haste of setting up my bindings, they had been set wrong so my heels were dragging everywhere and my toes were almost in the center of my board…

    I broke a FEMUR hook a brother up.

  31. One time, my 35 deep girl friend stuck the strap up her butt. I then had to continue to use it and one day ran out of food so I ate it. It tasted delightful.

  32. Last year on the first day the season me and all my friends went up to stevens pass and we hike up to get a pow run. We hiked for a hour and a half, as I strap in i realized both my back bindings straps fell off. I had to walk down in 2 feet of pow as my friends had the time of there life. Then they hiked a rail as a sat in the cold.
    IT SUCKED!!! hear is the proof

  33. Well I was out at mount hood this summer minding my own business, riding around, hanging in govy, dealing with the crazy bitches I lived with. Then one day I was riding I hit a jump, landed fine, and then WHAM my binding brakes, and I’m like “oh fuck”, and then WHAM again I eat shit. Next thing I know I’m driving to the hospital, I break my hand in two places and they give me this shitty little cast. Then I leave govy and go back home and I’m like fuck this shitty little cast and go see my docter. They’re like “that shits fucked up we gotta rebreak it”. So I get surgery, BAM (they break that shit again) they fix my hand up but I still need new bindings, but guess what I couldn’t work enough because I had a broken hand for two and a half months so no bindings for me. So, Wham Bam no thank you ma’am, new bindings would be nice. Please.

  34. I was riding beaver creek back in the day. and I had these agency bindings that i thought were super sick and we got a fresh foot or 2 that day, and i was going up the chairlift with a couple friends and my toe strap poped off and fell into the powder. So I went down the run to try and find it but the powder that day had consumed it. So I went back to the lift asked for some ducktape and boarded for the rest of the day with a mound of tape attached to my foot.

  35. while working park crew at summit at snoqualmie GRAHAM SHIT FACE HIEMSTRA decided to switch my bindings from back foot to front foot, not only did i not notice that i was strapping the buckles on the inside but that he barely tightened the bolts as I strapped in at the top i noticed this clever trick but decided to attempt to ride down anyway, as i hit the up on the a frame my back foot dislodged and had me with a nice nutthud straddle down the second half. As i rodw down the hill i lost nearly every piece to my back binding along the way. I retaliated but disassembling every single piece of his stupid 02 ride mvt’s or some shit, that guy sucks

  36. My horror binding story happened many seasons ago… It was my first time ever shredding up in the mountains (It was Sunshine in Alberta, Canada), needless to say, I was stoked. I also just bought a brand new setup, but I cheap out on the binders and used the ones from the previous seasons.
    Anyways my friends and I went to the very top of the mountain, taking the longest chair (continental divide). The ride to the top seem to take forever, as my excitement grew. Eventually we got to the top, I was dumbfounded and speechless from the view from the top (Blue-bird.).
    We all got strapped in, and started our descent with aims to check out the park; but before we could get to the park we would have to board the 3 kilometers (about 1.8 miles) to it. I noticed some moguls on the left of the run we just started on, so I decided to mess around with the ones on the edge, as I was messing around in the moguls, I caught my edge and washed out. I heard what sounded like a gun shot, only to find no snowboard attached to my feet. My base-plates exploded. They exploded with such force that a piece of base-plate actually caught me right dead center of my right eye on my goggles, ruining my brand new goggles as it left a huge gash in the lense. My stoked left me pretty quick, as I know have realized, my bindings are no more, and the closest place to get a ride down the mountain was at the terrain park which was a 3km (1.8mile) walk down…

    Once I walked down to the terrain park, I wasn’t super stoked either as they were getting ready to host some freestyle skier deal, So I had to deal with a bunch of D-bag skiers, who had tons of comments on why my bindings broke…

    I tried getting my warranty on those bindings, but all the pieces it exploded into left the company, who shall not be named, to think I smashed them with a sledge. Ever since than I’ve searching for the one set of bindings, that I know won’t explode and cause me to talk to D-bag Freestyle skiers.

  37. just meeting jeff the intern is my scary experience. as well as the dragon i witnessed my buddy Rob get down with in the back seat of my car.

  38. the first day i went out 2 years ago i was making my laps through the park and when i landed off a jump a little off balance my high back broke right in half. i figured it was no big deal and continued to ride with half a high back for most of the day until i landed off a jump and next thing i know i broke both straps on my other binding. so i figured it was time to go out and get a new pair of bindings. since i was on a trip i really didnt have a ton of extra cash but i knew i had to sacrifice my food money for some new bindings. so that night i spent most of the time looking at new bindings that i thought would not break on me. i went out the next morning and bought a brand new pair of rome bindings. i was super stocked on them until my first run through the park when my toe strap on my binding broke straight off. once again i was super pissed and decided to just say screw it and ride with one strap. i made it about 2 more times through the park when my binding ripped straight off my board and i realized i had broke the base plate. needless to say i was super pissed. i took the bindings right back to the shop and showed them what had happened to see if the could hook me up with some new bindings. well they couldn’t but what they could do was send in my bindings and i would have them in a few weeks. well that was pretty much the end of my riding that trip. i did have the shop send those bindings in though but when they got them back they charged me $20 to ship them to my house. well those bindings actually broke again last season and when i talked to rome they no longer could warranty them for me. so right now i am riding my friends 5 year old burton bindings and i would love to have those union bindings to put on my board instead of these crappy old burtons.

  39. on my lamar board halfway down the run the bolts ripped out of the board so I had to walk down the hill with the binding on one foot and the board on the other foot it was pretty embarressing, i know this isnt gonna win but we all know probaly allot of these are lies and if i were to get the bindings id give them to my friend but i want the highbacks cause mine dont fit with my new boots he gets my force highbacks with 150 days on them

  40. i owned a pair of burton missions.

  41. I was on acid and my top strap broke when i was on the lift, my foot slipped from the other cap strap and my board fell off and someone stole it off the trail. I had to walk down the mountain and just drink a few red dogs to pass the time. Atleast its a legit story to tell haha

  42. back when i was a little gaper, i learned how to ride @ brian head resort, somewhere in middle utah. my dad thought i should be a skiier for the first 10 years of my life, and then as soon as i learned how to snowboard, he stopped supporting my winter sports habits altogether. actually, he never really supported any sports i did. that’s why i’m no sportsman. long story short, i learned how to snowboard in utah powder with fucking clickers. my first snowboard had clickers. my second pair of bindings lasted for 7 years. they were some tech-9/ burton frankenbindings. i went from clickers to frankenbindings. then i found union. they’re pretty swell bindings, but who couldn’t use another pair. ps jeff is a scary man he hath no fear of breaking thine equipment. and rob field is a dragon slayer.

  43. first rail jam of the season i had flows at the time one of the straps broke right away before i got on the lift. The night before i proceeded to lock tight my bindings because the screws where to short and my bindings would fall off mid trick. I drove home which is a 30 min drive and tried to get my bindings off. I stripped all of the screws in the process. I then started to hammer them to try and get them off. My friend had to drill completely thru all off the screws to get them undone. I got to the contest right in time no warm up. Ended up taking second. Never lock tight your bindings!

  44. i had a pair of ride ultra lights like two years ago and the aluminium frame of the binding broke in the same place on both bindings; just straight broken metal from the straps to the base. my boot would come off the board like an inch when i tried to press anything. the fuckers at ride said they couldnt warranty my shit. so ive been riding 5 year old mismatching head bindings that my buddy gave me. i like capita, i like free shit, and i’m not some asshole who yells “FALL!!!!” at you from the lift. gimme the loot.

  45. one of the first times i did a jump my right binding (some airwalks) ripped out the inserts. luckily, instead of doing some crazy split or somethin i just landed really hard on my ass and bruised my tailbone. it hurt to sit for a few weeks

  46. was on the tram up to the summit of big sky. Was stoked to ride because it was my first time taking my new board up there(capita mid life 155 and union inverters). I ride up the lift with a bunch of the hardcore locals giving my board funny looks as they saw that thing not fit to ride any of the terrain off the tram. I was so stoked to get to the top because it was the second tram load all day and there was a little bit of new snow, a few inches of fresh from the last night. I get up and strap in and am ready to shred the heck outta the lenin and marx lanes on the south face. I get to boardin’ and all of a sudden i feel my back foot loose. my binding was broken and i stopped to fix it. I couldnt do anything about it becasue they ratchets were absolutely done. I had to continue to ride down the steepest section one footed and had some solid ragdolls on the way down as i dug in any body part to stop me from hurling into the massive dorito shaped rocks at each side. I made it down to the lower mountain and was so stoked I made it out alive. I figured I could damn well make it down the rest of the mountain if I got down that last part one footed. i took some a nice groomer down and was still kinda bummed about my binding but was happy to exhibit a little stevens-esque trickery on the way down. I thought it would be fun to even stop by and lap through the park. I knew there were some fun barrels I could footplant and figured i would give it a shot. I skipped past a few larger rails and decided to try and footplant over an upside-down trash can they had set up as a bonk feature. I went up to hop over it and footplant but i jumped way to late, rammed into the can, front flipped, scorpioned, and landed right on my face. I ended up nearly knocking a tooth out and having a decent bloody mouth, my head also hurt like hell. I sat to let things cool down, wash out my mouth, and then sideslipped down with my tail in between my legs. I was so bummed, but still amazed that I ate shit on a barrel jib even though I one footed some of the hardest terrain in montana. still makes me laugh.

  47. I was snowboarding in Canada last season, It cost me a shitload but was the tits. I got a ton of new tricks and my overall riding went up ten fold. I also learned that my boots were far to big, and I ended up dropping from a size 11.5 to a size 9.5 which I was pretty stoked about cause it meant I could now buy a Salomon Official and not worry about an insane about of my boots dragging in the snow. Over the next week or so of riding, I was told that with the new board and new boots, I should drop a size in bindings, which i thought sweet, time for an upgrade anyway! My bindings were 3rd hand to begin with, pretty much fucked and I figured I was already in severe shit with my credit card, why not take the piss a little more? ride now pay later, right?
    So, bindings, boots, board, all sorted and I’m stoked on all of it.
    Riding all morning until about 1pm when we stopped for a break. Had a beer, quick lunch, dropped the kids off at the pool and was ready to charge again.
    Came out of the lodge, grabbed my board and we headed over to the Gondola.
    We got up to the top of the mountain and decided where we were going, I started to put my board on when “what the fuck is going on with these bindings?” kicked in.
    I then realized these weren’t my bindings and briefly thought that some cheeky cunt had taken my board and swapped the bindings over with their shit old ones before realizing I’d grabbed the wrong fucking official!
    I strapped in and straight lined it back to the lodge.. which in rickety old bindings is fucking terrifying, looked everywhere but there was no other official in there. I waited the rest of the day walking around the racks and looking at the people leaving but no dice, Hombre.
    The good news was the Official was in good condition, comparable to my new one.
    The bad news was, insurance wouldn’t cover me because it was “my fault” ..fucking fascists.
    And I couldn’t justify ticking up more bindings on my already withered credit card.

    Now I wait for the story about how some guy was snowboarding and got brand new bindings on his Official ಠ_ಠ

  48. snowed a foot of fresh the night before, so headed for the mountain super early with the bros to make first chair. got there just as the life fired up and hopped on. about half way up the lift i notice a creaking sound. i soon discover its my ankle strap ladder that is cracked and quickly ripping apart. i scramble to try and grab my board but its too late the ankle strap gave way and my shitty excuse for a toe cap didn’t take the load (fuck leashes). the binding gave way and fell down into a gully below the lift and darts down the hill into the heavy bush to never be seen again. im now left sitting on the chair with no board one of the best and few pow days of the season. after riding the chair of shame back down the hill i try and drown my sorrows with hot chocolate and pbr while i wait for my friends to finish slashin’ pow all day long.

  49. This tragic story happened only a couple weeks ago on opening weekend at Timberline, Mt. Hood. I had set up my 2008 Union Forces on my new Capita “Black Snowboard of Death” the night before as the opening was unexpected. I was figuring out stances and threw the binding beds on to see how I liked it, the bolts were left very loose and I got distracted with a little trip to the bar. The next day we woke up bright and early to try and catch first tracks, they had a little park set up. As I was Ollieing onto the last feature I felt my front foot come completely loose from my snowboard. I landed front foot on the box slipping out and breaking 2 ribs and bruising who knows how many. However the damage on the board was much worse, I had ripped out 2 of the binding inserts on the board and cracked the base plate of the fairly old bindings. Doctors figure I can ride again in 2 weeks! I would love to be on a newer, safer pair of Union! Please help me YoBeat!

  50. i was cruising at keystone, lappin the magic carpet, lockin up my toe and heel turns. i bent my knees, to get a nice toe edge going, and my binding turned into a vampire. so not only was i riding one footed, around 4mph(too fast), but i was simultaneously trying to pierce this fucking vampire with a stake. needless to say, i won the struggle, but now i only have one binding and a dead vampire strapped to my snowboard. i tried squeezing my foot in his mouth for some support, but no luck.
    it was truly horrific

  51. One time I got to the end of a run and my binding had completely unscrewed itself… No tools so I had to just go one footed the rest of the time.

  52. My first season i had way old MFM pros. On my first day of riding at Park City both of my straps on my front binding fell off. I couldn’t ride at all even with straps so it was brutal. Loose straps and loosing parts was a daily occurrence that first season. Damn i wish i would’ve known what loctite was….

  53. It was a perfect bluebird, waist deep day in Tahoe…me and my buddies were gonna ride the Firebreak run at Heavenly. I went to get on the first lift and my high backs were up, not to mention there was about 8 inches in between the snow and the bottom of the chair. When we all sat down, the chair slammed down on my back foot high back and snapped it clean off. I realized it about 20 feet up and jumped down about ten feet off the chair. I was livid and got in the face of the lifty, informing him that he sucked at his job and that there was supposed to be much more space in between the snow and the chair…as posted at the bottom of every lift. I was so heated, but I went directly down to the customer service office and bitched them out about the situation. After a solid 2 hours of complaining and waiting, they finally felt sorry enough to compensate me, and told me i could go to the shop across the village and pick out some new bindings of equal value. So i went and picked out the most expensive binders I could find. Some high end, super light burton bindings that I still ride to this day…by this time it was close to lunch time and the pow was mostly tracked, but I put those shinny new bindings on faster than I ever have before. I got a few stashes but nothing like my buddies told me about when I met up with them later. I was kinda bummed but in the end I had a great shred story to tell, and now hopefully it’ll get me some sick new bindings.

  54. Summit of Gunstock Mountain Resort, Gilford NH, February 21th, 2008: It was the first day of Massachusetts school vacation week; every New Hampshire snowboarders worst nightmare… especially for the limited number who reside at Gunstock. Massholes choose to send it up to Gunstock for the week because its cheap, not steep, and icy as fuck… what more can a giant cluster of Volvo-driving-numb-skulls and their entire fucking family ask for? I don’t know either, you might want to ask the 300 pound Wrangler-Denim-and-Patriots-Starter-jacket-wearing skier who took me out with his 190cm non-shaped skis and managed to split the base of my right highback in half. He then proceeded to complain of severe chest pain which was when I left.

  55. There i was on the of the backcountry pass in bc ready to hit a 50 foot kicker…………..okay im not going to lie i really need a pair of bindings because i broke my highback hitting a tree rail at my local mountain. They were held together with a couple shoelaces till the end of the season and i am not wealthy at all… i need some flipping bindings!

  56. A company called Slim bindings made my first pair of bindings. They were mounted to an Evol Brad Gross snowboard. That snowboard later delaminated, which, I replaced with a Morrow Spoon.

    These Slim Bindings had aluminum baseplates. On my first trip to the mountains, I broke the highback half way through the trip. One of the holes that mounted the highback to the baseplate, actually broke through the plastic. I talked to someone at the camp area I was staying at to help me out. They drilled new holes into the high back. This lowered the highback slightly, but it was rideable for the last day of riding.

    I replaced those with a pair of Morrow bindings (come on, it was the 90’s). I under warranty broke one of these bindings on three separate occasions. The last time it was a day ender where just minutes after I broke my binding, my older brother racked out really hard on an icy hit, so we decided to call it a day. One of the local news stations actually had video of us walking away from the run. We thought this was hilarious, because we were actually walking away because of dissatisfaction, when the news piece was actually about the good times at the local hill. That day I walked away with a broken heelcup on the binding. The other way to break these bindings was apparently to diagonally break the bindings highback, which I managed to do as well. I eventually went after the dealer, and said that after breaking three pairs, I really needed a different set of bindings. They obliged, and hooked me up with a pair of Killer Loop bindings.

    You might not realize this, but Killer Loop made some riding gear in the 90’s. For a while, it seemed like everyone made riding gear in the 90’s. Even Reebok made some snowboard boots under the name ‘Boks’. Anyway, these bindings were not awful but had fairly mid-height highbacks and were by no means very good. These bindings ultimately experienced some breakage as well. This was also was a heelcup break. Interestingly, my Morrow spoon broke in half very close to that time as well. Apparently, the composite core wasn’t indestructible. I ended up returning both the broken Killer loop Bindings and the Morrow Snowboard, and replacing it with a new board, after the board had been off warranty for a year. I had to make a lot of phone calls, to get it done, but it was obviously bad gear. Afterward, I bought used bindings to replace the old ones, from a worker from the local hill where I had broken the heel cup on my Morrow bindings. With the new (used) bindings, I never had to do anything but replace a toe strap and a ratchet.

  57. nick, how did you get a great shred story to tell out of your experience. you bitched away a pow day for something that was your fault and didn’t fix the problem by going and shredding pow anyway, sans highback. in the end you got some bindings that you didn’t even care about, don’t know about, but still probably brag to people about because of how expensive they are.

    my story isn’t my worst, but just the most frustrating because ridding down one footed has been done and not much of an issue. first day off in a while and i went to strap in for my first run. i was ratcheting down my toe strap and the ladder snapped. when i went to get a new one, they wanted to charge me 8 bucks for a latter. I resorted to name dropping because I didn’t want to waste half of my day and go all the way home to get the ladders i had at home. The guy responded by saying what, you thought you would mention some names and get some free stuff. Fine dude. went to the shop in the village and they gave me one, what a normal person would do. Ladders blow out but its lame when people care about their job too much to hook it up.

  58. rippin through the tree stashes from the top of the park to the parking lot( where its fresh long after lunch) with an older pair of forces. pop off a pillow and tweak a stale, feel somethings nice an loose when i land, look down to see the inside of the ankle strap lost its extra special long screw and its just kind of dangling off to the side. theres still a ways to go to the cat track past some cabins which contains a bunch of fun hits, so i just rolled with it all the way to the repair shop to cop some zip ties. you wanna talk about heel lift? try only strappin in the toeon yer back foot.

  59. Three years ago I got the k2 formulas. First new pair of bindings I ever bought. There have been many a tragedy with these bindings; Completely falling off halfway down the run, the strap coming off as soon as I had ridden up Summit and hiked a cornice for the first time to get extra shred, and countless times my base plate screws have come undone (they are loose right now as a matter of fact). One real good park day some buddies and I were lapping the park. I was voted guinea pig of course to hit the step down that they worked on the previous night and increased the gap by what I though might have been 20 or so feet. I drop in hot cause it’s one of those jumps you really don’t want to knuckle. And I swear to God as I’m doing my last setup turns, I can feel the screws in my back base plate loosen up a mighty amount. So I’m flying through the air and as I watch the knuckle pass under me, I’m at about the peak of my air. Immediately I know I’m screwed and start the classic mid-air flail/seizure move. I hit flats. Like 15 feet after the tranny of the landing stopped sort of flats. Both feet stomp at the same time and I roll and slide a ways before I stop. When I looked down my back foot wasn’t even in my binding and my front toe strap was barely hanging on. The base plate that had been loose had three screws left and a crack running down the whole thing as well as some of the binding itself. Well, three years later I still have the same bindings, only now they consist of 3 original screws and 5 random ones that I’ve picked up along the way and a few of them barely go down into the thread. I also have two different base plates, a burton toe strap (that’s on facing the wrong way but I’m too lazy to change), and ladders from I can’t even tell you what, but they’re sure as hell not supposed to work on k2’s. But hey, they’re comfy.

  60. It was my second year of shredding, i didn’t know shit about snowboarding back then so i thought burton was the best and i got a burton board and some old burton freestyle binders from my local dicks sporting goods. I spent most of my time carpet boarding and hyped up to shred. I soon set out to my local resort here in the shitty mid west conditions. I spent most of my day untrusting from a long summer just shredding the bunny hill, and some easier runs. After a good 2 hours I decided to step up my game and head up to the terrain park. I get on the lift confidently. When I’m around halfway up the lift I feel my foot sliding. The bindings loosened themselves from the weight of my board and before I’m able to grab the board my boots out of my binding. Luckily I had a leash, no unluckily I had one. I had some shitty air walk boots that I got from famous footwear. The leash was connected to a small strap on the back of the boot. I probably should have asked for help when tieing my boots. I was a little small shit back then and could barely tie my boots. Before I knew it my boot was pulled down with the weight of my board. All I could see is my board hit some trees and disappear out of sight. My troubles weren’t even close to over. Much of the mid west boarders are total dicks that think there “all that”. I get off the lift with one boot. I could hear people laughing and talking shit. I walk down the terrain park hoping to find my board. The whole way down people are yelling things from the lift, even had a snowball thrown at me, and I got slashed at least 5 times. To make things worse my foot as at the point of getting frost bight, since I was walking the whole way with only one boot. Luckily I found my board at the bottom of the run. I walked into the lodge and sat there for the rest of the day. This event forced me to the point of quitting snowboarding for that whole season

  61. My friends and I were going to a resort that is about three hours away from where we live. My board was not yet set up for the winter as it was the first place to open, and I wasn’t into the ice rink scene yet. I get to the hill only to realize that I forgot one of my bindings at home, luckily it was the back binding. The rest of the day was filled with one footed maneuvers and questionable riding. One footers are fun, but not if that is all you are physically able to do for a whole day, but on the upside I have the right leg of a stallion and the left of a bedridden old man.

  62. Three words…. Stomp-in bindings…

  63. A few years ago, I was riding the “Pro Line” at Breck and headed towards the biggest jump – setting up for a cab 9. Right as I popped into my spin, my front foot flew out. Know what I did? I fucking grabbed my board, did a Judo, pointed at Jeff Potto, and stomped that shit like Scott Stevens on roids.

    I never break bindings or boards because I land my shit so clean.


    Chief Thunderbear

  64. First off, I started reading all the comments, realized there’s already almost 70, decided I’m over it, and also decided it’s going to suck for you guys reading all of ’em. Interns?

    Alright… So there I was… The year was 1997 and I was a bright eyed 13 year old hyped to be on the snow for the 3rd or 4th time ever. Mom signed the waiver at the rental shop at Badger Pass up in Yosemite (fail) got me my 154ish capped board complete with bumpers (fail) size 10 boots, pretty sure I was an 8 (fail) and a nice set of Clickers (super mega fail). It was a super cold day, almost whiteout conditions and I was stoked. Got to the top to squeeze in another run before mom bought me lunch and hot chocolate (ahhh memories) and stepped in… Or so I thought… I almost had that toeside turn dialed, and I was maching down the hill when I went to turn… And the Clickers failed. Weird, right? Back foot popped right out and I went tumbling down the hill end over end clicked in with just my front foot. I managed to hit myself in the back of the head with the edge and the Starter beanie didn’t do a whole lot to protect my dome (note: head wounds bleed. A lot), while simultaneously, somehow barely avoiding blowing the left knee out. After a few weeks when I was able to convince mom with 11 year old logic that snowboarding was safe and step ins were not, we went out to the local shop and picked up some K2 Proflex Varios.
    I’ve been with some Union Contacts since they came out and they’re definitely on their last leg now!

    Fuck you step in bindings,

  65. Yo a little mcjager helps in writing this, just look at the time, nahm sayin. Anyways im sitting hear with tiny dancer, queen fruit, and wings of the ceiling fire alarm. Any ways i was trying to be trendy like those mofuckin think thank kids doin some fuckin kickflips nahmsayin? I just realized half of my words are underlined in red nahmsayin….anyways i was busting a fat 36f0lip or some shit and my fucking high back spolded nahmsayin? Fuck i dont give a fuck if i win some god damn bindings im having athe time of my life and shit, namsayhin. anyways i was like fuck its november and theres no god damned snow in mofuckin fagstaff, namsayhin. so anyways we was out be doin some grass jiboin and i cracked the fuck out my highbacks….then i fuckin emaoiled dinosaurs will die bout some zebras and shit. you can ask them and shit…….,egggit. Oh fuck its wendsday….wasted wendstay dawg. chyeah, but then earlier this year i broke them same bindings last run of the lastt day up at alyeska in anchortown, by losing a fucking screw, tell union to threadlock those mofuckin ankle straps. even ask 4 dubs i had to shred fuckin north face with no got damn ankle strap. Wow this is incomprehensible……but yeah fucked up some onion farces with kickflips and ankle straps departing on triple back diamonds. Shit im gonna go read club boya.



  66. Few years ago i just went snowboarding on opening day of my local mountain. I get to the top and my new back rome sds is a bit wiggly whatever right?
    i do a frontboard down a down rail and there goes my binding and fallback and somehow manage to break my leg. AWESOME way to begin a season i won’t ride for.

  67. i broke my forum factions in the process of blowing out my acl and lateral a meteiral maniscous last march. thats pretty horrific. the metal heel cup broke and my leg went a way the it should not go.

  68. im the same kid that blew his knee out changed my email so when i win these just send an email to this one instead. thanks guys

  69. so -20 degrees plus old technine bindings equals 4 broken ratchets in one day. Fuck technine bindings! Let’s try out the unions!

  70. This will be the third season on my Union Forces. Still goin’ strong, unlike my old Burton Mission’s that barely lasted a season.

    Point being, Union is where it’s at. Stronger. It’s no lie.

  71. Well while skiing up at Beech mountain last season I was snowboarding with a bro and we were having our usual day shredding some East Coast Pow………NOT!!!……cause it doesn’t exist its all straight up ice! Which by the way beats up your board pretty quick. Anyway when shredding through the park one time I went first and did the usual jibbing with some pencil steeze and other narlly jibbin. When I was at the bottom I noticed my Bro was taking way to long. About 20 min later I finaly saw my Bro coming down the mountain with only one binding in. I didn’t realize what had happened until he got closer and I noticed the two binding straps he was holding in his hand. He said when he was going through the park someone came flying behind him completely inexperienced and completely decked him and his board slicing the straps to both his ankle and toe clean off. We then had to spend about 45 min in the shop fixing his binding before we could continue shredding. Much props to beech for providing make-shift bindings aka scrap binding straps they could find that day, they saved us from a day of huge disappointment. Although this sucked I can still top that. My same Bro had an even worse binding experience at Ober Gatlinburg, TN…..Shoutout to OGFT!!! When riding there while shredding down the mountain my bro somehow stripped the dial in the binding that keeps it in place while riding. So instead of being able to carve his binding literally spun on his board which wasn’t good because before he noticed he nearly did some major damage on his knee when he landed on his board and his foot turned completely inward pointing at his other binding toward the center of his board. Luckily my Bro made it out with no injuries and can shred some more. I feel that with such bad luck just maybe I could win so my Bro could put his binding struggles behind with a pair of ultrafear unioun bindings……Best binding company ever……..and I’m not gonna lie, the board would be mine! CAPITA, WE DEVOUR EVERYTHING! Capita has the sickest boards out there and TJ Schneider is the freakin man! This is a once in a lifetime chance but here’s hope that maybe after the thousands of free contest submissions, luck might be on my side! Keep it real Yobeat and thanks Brooke Geery for the dirt behind snowboarding since 1997!

  72. Defiantly thought it was a board and bindings, sorry if my story was confusing but now that I no its just the bindings sorry Bro but there mine if I win.

  73. I don’t want the bindings but my great and unselfish friend Mike Janes needs them. He is a lifty at T line and is super nice and funny all the time. He always has a positive outlook on life and never pulls anyone’s pass who rides the lift with out one. He has these shitty Ride bindings that give him problems all the time at the worst moments. I feel that Mike Janes should get 1st because he has 2 first names and second he does a job while he watches every one have fun!

  74. I got super into Brent Meyer for a little and took my high backs off for increased dark slide flexibility. Then I broke both of my ankles and both of my bindings. I’m all healed up now, but I have no bindings. Help me out.

  75. Last year, we got dumped on towards the end of the season. first time we actually had some powder in a while. We hiked to the top of the mountain, strapped in, hit this natural hip jump, ate shit, ended up breaking the base plate of my binding on my front foot. Then had to ride all the way down from the top of the mountain one footed,fell a bunch on the way down, had to miss out on a great day of riding, then the local shop made me pay 5 bucks for a new baseplate. shitty day to say the least.

  76. If you know Stowe VT you have probably hiked the Chin, if not, well its a pretty long hike, and then dome real real fun riding. But anyway so I hike the chin with some bros, after killing a baby dear (not true) We get to the tippy top. I then realized my front foot ankle strap was no longer with us. I had a nice time getting down in knee to waist deep powder. Yippe

  77. 15 years old, first weekend early season riding at Loon, only upper half of the mountain was open, gondola access up and down. Had a set of Burton SI-X step ins, huge mistake. The ankle straps on my boots were cranked (if you recall the old Burton step ins had the ankle strap built in to the boot). Charging the white ribbon of death and get cut off by a kook. throw it sideways and when I do all the sudden I feel my weight shift forward on my toe edge. The ankle strap tore on the boot and it shifted my weight forward enough for me to clip my toe edge. Catch the downhill edge and send it superman frontflip onto my side. Sit up a little disoriented and pretty pissed off, then I get a real queezy feeling in my stomach. Throw up the Mcd’s breakfast I had enjoyed on the drive up and go into shock. Lay down on the snow and can barely move. Ski patrol sled comes and brings me to the end of the snow, from there I have to get in a wagon behind an ATV and get access roads to the bottom. Every bump is agonizing and the probably 5 minute ride feels eternal. From their I got an ambulance to Speer Memorial where the give me a CT scan and I find out I’ve ruptured my spleen. 4 Days of morphine trip and 3 months of recovery ensued. This is why step ins should never ever ever be revived.

  78. so this one time i was riding the chairlift, about half way up i go to flip around my board to make it more comfortable and i watch my toe clip my toe strap and send it flying into the abyss… so i went after it without thinking about the consequences of the 25 foot drop to flat. Sprained my ankle and spent a couple weeks on crutches, but i got the strap!

  79. ok so opening day of my local resort and i bought new bindings and was going to put them on at the shop in the resort i buy my pass and go to get my stuff and we had locked all my stuff and 4 of my buddys stuff in the car and had to wait for 4 hours on opening day. after we got it out they went and i waited i put my bindings on and i get halfway up the lift to realize i forgot like 3 bolts and my board drops to the ground and i rode up the lift with nothing but bindings on my feet, great first day

  80. My first new board, a Sims halfpipe in like 90. It had those old sims folding highbacks that would completely shatter. I didn’t get that lucky. First day out on it, I was heading down a steep face w/moguls and my back foot tried to leave home. Unfortunately, it got stuck trying to sneak out of the binding and end up lodged vertically in the binding. I got pitched and my face went straight into a bump before my hands could find the ground. As a result, I had a scap goatee in my senior pictures!

  81. The pair of Unions I have right now I love, but last season the highback adjuster broke, Union sent me a new one no problem. Then my toecap on my back foot started fucking up. It would get jammed every time I unstrapped, so on days when it was 20 below, I’d be at the top of the lift with the wind whipping, keys out, trying to force the ratchet to work. After a week of that I finally took a Ride toecap from my roommate, and now it has a screw holding it in that sticks out about one inch. And I just noticed yesterday that my front foot toecap is now doing the same thing, so I could really use a new pair of Unions instead of my ghetto, cannibalized ones.

  82. When I was a child my parents did not have enough money to take care of me and my three brothers so they took me to the forest one dark night of mid january and let me alone to be eaten by a wolf. Fortunately, a pack of savage bindings came and rescued me. I never saw them again, but I am reptty sure the Union of Capita was one of them.

    I’d like to take care of her just like she took care pf me when I was a child.

    True story.


  83. This one time I bought some bindings from Burton , but they just fell apart.

  84. It was early January, 1986. I had just gotten back from the roller derby where i met a hot swedish girl named Francine. later that night, i realized that i bought the wrong bindings from 7/11 and were way to big for my boot. Francine was so mad that she gave me 30 lashings and made me post this story publically on yobeat

  85. ever riding a pair of union bindings

  86. My capita board is so sick that it keeps breaking my bindings. Im pretty much broke and I cant feed myself or my family all thanks to Capita, but its worth it. You would be doing me and my family a solid… no you would be putting dinner on my families plate. Sleep on that one.

  87. I think these bindings would help me make friends. I need friends. Thank you.

  88. I was in Thailand playing sk8 in Ding-Dong. It was a high stakes game in an opium den. Turns out, these aren’t the kinds of guys who like to lose. When I beat them, They beat me. They worked me over good. And this is hard to say, but they held me down and shoved a Technine binding up my ass. I havn’t ridden a pair of bindings since then.

  89. Last season I bought myself a brand new pair of flux bindings because you could customize every single part of the binding and that seemed cool, right? Yeah, until your friends realize that. One morning I woke up to find my bindings absolutely mutilated by my friends as a drunken prank – everything single part of the bindings were backwards. Pidgeon-toed stance, backwards highbacks, switched ankle and toe straps, straps switched from the right to left foot, and rachets attached to the wrong straps. They even went to the trouble of turning the forward lean adjuster upside down. Even though it was pretty funny, it took me a good hour trying to restore them back to their normal glory as my friends rode fresh powder without me. Overall, flux bindings are sweet, but don’t show your friends – get unions instead!

  90. ***
    ok so what can i write if my english is really bad… the only think I can say is that I have some shite Blax bindings since 1996! yes 14 years… since than many things happened I have used meters of duck tape and I heard many jokes about my bindings but I didnt care cause it’s alway about fun. please send them to me and I’ll inivite you to me maybe we can check them out together on the slope!!! dziÄ™kuje i na zdrowie

  91. one day i shredded soo hard my bindings fused to my boots. it was chill.

  92. It was last season at Baker in the spring time and nobody had expected the huge storm that came in to finish the season with a bang, we were getting foot after foot and on this particular day we had gotten a foot and a half. Id been shredding pow for a week straight at this point and gone through so much powdery white stuff my brain was beginning to melt, which would explain why I didn’t check my bindings before I got on the chairlift. I started down what would have been an epic pow run but before I could get 3 turns in my toe strap fell off somewhere in the powder and my screw holding my heel strap on fell out, on the same binding too! This forced me to miss out on the rest of the fresh tracks for the day and create a frankenbinding that I am still riding today. So please I need these bindings so I don’t miss out on any more of that yummy white stuff!

  93. I gave my buddy bindings and a deck but he lost one of the baseplates. we went up to stratton and his foot was wiggly all day. bummer

  94. i order my first pair of unions (forces) before the season started last year and i was really excited to use them because i had been using some shitty burton bindings that would loosen up after fifteen minutes of riding and would be able to almost swivel on my board. The unions were also for my new board that i had not ridden yet either because the burton bindings had the ics system with my old burton board which was water logged, had core shots, and rode like shit. Anyways i got my unions and i was adjusting the highback but this one screw was tightened way too tight so i couldn’t get it off and ended up striping it. I got pist cause i hadn’t even ridin these bindings yet and they got fucked up already. i contacted union and they sent me a replacement screw but my mom sent both of the bindings back to union and asked them to fix it. I was angry at my mom but i figured they would know how to fix it the best and I had about 2 weeks before snow. I was expecting to receive the bindings back in a couple weeks because it was just one screw but it took much longer than I expected. My season started and i was forced to use my old janky setup instead of all the new stuff I just got. Like my second day out i backfliped on this little pile of snow but didn’t make it all the way around and dug my nose into the ground and tweaked my bindings so hard that they baseplates shattered (i have pictures) and cracked the bindings in half. so now i couldn’t even ride my shit snowboard. i bumped all different kind of bindings off my friends for about a month before my unions finally came back to me. i was angry at union for taking so long but when i strapped in i forgave them cause i was gettin the best ride of my life. i love union and will probably ride them for life.

  95. Last season was the worst for bindings i had two pairs of romes, Arsenals and shifts. Well… i Broke the Shifts 6 TIMES and the Arsenals 2 times! First time it was the highback. I ride at Stevens Pass alot and one day i was hitting the normall jump line and the third jump in the line i realize my highback had snaped on the last landing. Unfortunatly i noticed this while one footed in the air and crashed! as i tried to retrieve it from the middle of the landing no on knew i was there and i had to run and get it while almost getting murdered by someone hitting the jump and nearly lading on me. needless to say i was very pissed off about the whole thing and i couldnt ride the rest of the day. The next two months i broke both straps another highback a a conecter thing to the toe strap and broke a strap on the other binding. The arsenals were not as much of a pain as the shifts but they did have their problems. I broke one strap on one binding and another on the other side. I would love these bindings to put on my brandnew Capita Horroscope and be able to throw away those stupid Romes!!

  96. So it was my first time riding back in ’95. I was in Salt Lake City visiting my grandparents. Somehow my grandma’s neighbor who I didn’t really know offered to take me up night boarding to Brighton. I said cool let’s go. I had never skied or boarded before tis time. He had an extra board and gear that he set up and so we get to the hill and and this jerk decided to set up my stance racer style as a joke. I mean both legs nearly pointed straight. I had no idea that was the wrong way to be riding and was too nervous about being up on the mountain to even notice that I was the only one like that. Well after the first run of me trying to get down the mountain he ditched me. I spent the rest of the night riding learning to slalom snowboard. I ended up with 3 bloody noses and a mild concussion. Best part of the night was landing a FS 180 and realizing that even though my binding setup was a practical joke I loved everymine of it and have been boarding ever since.
    p.s. Thanks Mike Gunn for inviting me to go boarding

  97. This happened a while ago but me and my snowboard buddies still laugh about this years later hahah..!!!!

    Ok so it was a pretty epic pow day, Lake-Louise Alberta. I’m riding a white and grayish Nitro board with BRIGHT ORANGE bindings. I wanted my outfit to match my board so I got a gray coat with white pants (way to blend in with the snow eh lol :P)

    Anyways, so after a couple runs I get the feel of the terrain and all but I wanted to get more out of it, I decided to go ”off-piste” to really get a feel of what it’s like to cruise on ”real pow” heheh. I asked my buddies to come with me and they all did (..thank God…!) As I’m cruising down the unmarked trails I get a little too much speed and confidence and decide to rock this huge cliff-like drop …. BOOOM!!! sprain both ankles and I get cooovered in snow!!! The only thing showing was my board and bright orange bindings. I had the wind knocked out of me and was too stunned to move, the only thing moving was the uncontrollable spasms of my ankles back and forth. *twitch*twitch*twitch* X 1000 !!

    Basically the only thing that my buddies could see when looking for me were my bright orange bindings that were twitching like a jack-rabbit on crack hahah. They even snapped a video laughing at me while I was suffocating in panic under the snow haha, snowboard buddies 4 life!! XD

  98. After 4 years of riding and getting hand me downs from my rich friends I was finally ready to buy my first brand new snowboard and bindings. A whole summer of mowing lawns to have the flow, it was pretty much a really big deal.

    Went down to Milo’s picked up a Ride snowboard and some Burton clip ion bindings(Super sweet technology for 1998). I set up my new ride and headed up to Brighton.

    I must have done something wrong, because on the way up the first chair lift right at a cliff drop on the far end of the resort my boot detaches from my board. Looking down on the board from the chair lift, I see it disappear into a white pillow at the bottom of the 30 foot cliff.

    Clip-in technology was not my friend after a 3 hour ordeal to recover my board. Of course, Milo wouldn’t refund my purchase because I used the bindings, so I had to deal with those pieces of junk since. I really could use a upgrade into the 20th century. Help a brotha out!

  99. When I was 13, I would always look through the catalogs, wishing that I could buy the shit that was in there. These days were the ones where JP and JJ were ruling the video industry and magazines and Bozung wasnt a tatted up mcdonalds muncher (no offense to Bozung, I still like you but ive seen your facebook pictures). I watched the Nixon Jibfest videos every night before I went to bed, dreaming about riding a park like that someday. Since I live in Sweden, the prices fucking sucks, especially for a 13 year old. But one christmas, santa decided to hook a brother up. I finally bought a nice pair of bindings. Maybe they werent that nice, but they sure were expensive for a little kid like me back then.

    I had also saved money for 2 years for a Forum Bjorn Leines board which I got the same winter, words can not express how stoked I was to go riding that season with my new fresh gear. The board was the same lenght as myself, but I didnt care.

    The first day with my new setup, I was suuuuper hyped and went up the chair. I was loving life. I was snowboarding. I also sucked slightly at snowboarding. I could turn and everything but it wasnt like I was doing anything. I felt so awesome, I was just bombing hills even though I felt like I was going to die every second.

    To get to the point; the bindings weren’t that reliable. The screws that they were sold with weren’t anyway. My new forum bjorn leines board had the ilock system and 2 of the screws immediately popped out or broke while doing an ollie which caused the binding to slide away right on the takeoff.

    As I said, I sucked at snowboarding so this didnt do anything better. I freaked out mid-air, landed and ate SHIT… I scorpioned and knocked my face hard as fuck into the ground screaming, if it was filmed it would probably be a youtube fail top viewed video.

  100. One drunken night on the hill I decided to use my friends board who claims that the “alpine stance” is the way to go. I never knew anyone could ride a board with both feet at over 12 degrees towards the nose! It was the most awkward way to ride a snowboard for me, especially after having pounded some Pabst 16 ouncers. So as I begin down the hill, I feel alright with it and get some deep carves in until I hit a big patch of fluffy pow. BOOM! I cartwheeled through the powder and slammed my face into a random mogul. I begin to get back up and my buddy Steve tried to spray me in the face with the pow, but instead takes me out with my board strapped to his feet. Claimed he wasnt used to the duck stance and that i need to sharpen my edges. No bones were broken, but a tooth was chipped in the process :-/ We decided best way to get over that mishap was to pound a few more PBR’s and give eachother our boards back

  101. I was just a little guy up at Big Boulder Park PA and I attempted to hit a ride on battleship box but when I hit it my board actually went under the box and snapped both the straps off my front foot! Needless to say I was done for the day.

  102. the shop at the bottom of our 200ft vertical hill only carries burton binding parts…getting a lost bolt for a union takes a good hour.

  103. I was raped by the time travelling future ghost of nate holland.

  104. It was 1997. I was chilling with my homey, Mel Gibson. Mel was still pleased by the success of films such as Braveheart, and was pretty much an all right dude. In fact, he isn’t that bad a dude now, he just keeps messing up big time. We thought we would sit down and prank call our buddy Jean-Claude Van Damme. Now, I might not let him near my phone anymore, but back then, Mell was really good on the phone JCVD as we would refer to him was not impressed by the call, but mellowed out when he realized who it was. Needles to say, JCVD decided to tag along for some riding.

    The thing with celebrities is that they usually just go ride someplace exclusive, or shut down the hill, because they are rich as all get out. We opted to move forward with the day. We always started our days with imported cigars and caviar. It’s just how we roll. So, being 1997, we opted to try out some prototypes for Blax Bindings. To be honest, Step-In Bindings seemed like a good idea at the time.

    JCVD didn’t last very long in the new bindings. He found it really hard to snowboard, because he said, he was ‘out of shape’, which is a little hard to believe. Nonetheless, he headed home in a helicopter. He could do that. Anyway, Mel realized he could get out of the bindings real quick, and thought he could somehow kick flip the board. It didn’t work, and Mel ended up in emergency when his snowboard nearly impaled him. You probably didn’t hear about that on entertainment tonight, but it happened. Trust me.

    So, I was riding alone for the rest of the day. Somehow, the boots came loose from the bindings, and I was sent flying off a cliff. I woke up the next day in a Hollywood hospital. They brought me the board, on which the bindings were totally mangled. I was furious and contacted the Blax rep immediately. Somehow, we worked things out. We are now best friends, and I haven’t heard from JCVD or Mel in ages.

  105. Great park day, riding down the mountain into the park before a contest.. and my ankle star bolt fallsout,and i did not notice for like 20 yards… i had to do a slopstyle contest with no akle starp.. needless to say, i placed horrible

  106. Flows. For the past 5 years. ‘Nuff said.

  107. This one time was drunk getting towed behind my buddys truck der and uh, carved into on comin’ traffic der and hit the other car head on. Luckily it was snowy out so the other car was goin pretty slow but i ripped the bindins right outta that darn snowboard der. i dont care though i stole it from a black kid anyhow

  108. Well…..I once HAD a pair of ride delta’s. I was drinking some ole english’s with the fellows when I decided it would be very wise to try a one footed nose block with the help of my friend. (tried it alone to much dismayyy) Well i got up there in the air,,,using the wall as balance…..grabbed that sucker and pulled hard. Quite the tweakage if I may say so myself……I can’t really though because the whole memory vs. 40’s dilema……. Well anyways, while basking in my accomplishment I started to tip without a CLUE. I was actually stoked enough to have put on my boots so when I came down the heel cup got stomped into TWO. My friends laughed and laughed.. and then in the morning they laughed some more. please send new bindings to go with my mid-life artist,,,,or I dont know what I’ll DO.

  109. a couple years ago at loon i learned the hard way that riding a halfpipe with a loose binding could go bad. my back binding came off and it was pretty hard to ride down

  110. Last season I was running laps with some friends at this little mountain on the East Coast. It was as cold as it gets and after beating ourselves up on that vertical hockey rink we decided to hit the lodge for some tasty treats and head on home. When we were packing up at the car I realized I had left my goggles in the lodge. So I threw my board under the car next to me and sprinted back, as I was going unbeknownst to me the people who owned the car next to us were working their way back to the vehicle.
    By the time I got back to the parking lot I could hear the scraping sound of my board and bindings crunching under the car on the frozen ground. It must have flipped a couple of times in the process of backing up and driving away? The base was as trashed as were the bindings. All of my friends were in the car staying warm and listening to music and never even noticed!
    I am not saying it is not my fault but if you guys got some great bindings to replace those I will forever be in your debt!

  111. Just got a new pair of bindings.. Went up on the hill for my first run with them. Popped a 3 off of the jump and the whole binding just twisted on the base plate so my whole foot got stuck completely parallell to the boards edges.. Haha. The bindings still do that to this day…. haha

  112. one time the bottom of my bindings filled up with snow and my boot didn’t fit right. shucks.

  113. Back in my uber noob days, I took a trip up to Whiteface for my first ‘big’ mountain experience. A few runs in, I am at the top of the lift and noticed that my ankle strap of my right binding was missing (Ride LX circa 2002). It was probably loose and fell off on the ride up the lift. I wasn’t confident in my ability to ride down with only one foot fully strapped in, so I asked the Lifty to let me download. He looked at me funny since I was wearing the legit gear but then realized I was a poser. He nodded and reached over to his radio. I was puzzled why he had to radio someone. Turns out that you can only download with ski patrol with you in the same chair. That was super embarassing and I’ve never told anyone this story until now.

  114. A few years ago I was riding and in the afternoon I noticed that my highback was cracked in half, but the foam kept it in tact. I continued riding and then noticed that my binding was loose and wiggling. I ignored it and kept on riding. A couple runs later my left binding comes off of the board and I eat it. It turns out that some loctite liquid screw stuff seeped onto the disk and caused it to crack into a bunch off little pieces.

  115. Riding thru trees on WSLR one day last season, I cornered a tree too fast, and the way I fell into a small tree, one of the clips that allows me to adjust the tightness of the main strap snapped off…. I didnt notice it until I got to the lift, and tried to unstrap, only to find that my foot was essentially trapped in that binding all day. I had to ride the lifts switch the entire day.

    I still use the bindings, but I hot glued a small enough nub on the broken clip so that I could use em…. I could really use these Unions, especially on my new CAPiTA StairMaster

  116. This one time, I was snowboarding and did a triple cork in front of everyone and landed in a hot tub full of bikini models. Shit was so cash.
    Oh and my binding was like a little loose or something.

  117. this one time during a comp i was next in line to drop for my slopestyle run, and i noticed my back foot (right binding) was a little loose. I thought ahh don’t have time to fix it now it will hold for this run. I hit the first jump (30 foot stepdown) then coming into the second jump i take off for a frontside 7 and while im in the air my binding comes off the board. haha it trough me off completely in the air and barley landed in an awkward stance dragging my back foot. maybe next time i should tighten my bolts?

  118. two summers ago we headed down to hood. During the first run I noticed my right heel strap ratchet wasn’t cranking down all the way and realized the teeth on the ladder were stripped. I rode the whole day with a loose strap. On the last run I came off a c box blind and landed in a hole and sprained my ankle because of the loose strap. Because of this I wasn’t able to ride at my home resort when it reopened for a couple more weekends because of a super late dump…..lame

  119. (Please read the following message in a Guido accent)

    aight aight aight,
    so one day last year I was boardin with my buddies Mikey and Jimmy B. So we be, ya kno, takin shots of patron on the chairlift and what not. (Mikey keeps it on a necklace under his jackt.) Shots ta jah boiii!!! aight aight aight. so we be lappin green horn acres over on Holiday. dasss wassup. so we be fist pumpin n what not on the chair hard and so we get to the top and Jimmy B keeps tellin me about theze honeyz that be up there. So ya know, we tryin uh keep it low key a wrangle some snooch for da night. nowwhatimsayin? aight aight aight fuckthatshit fuckthatshit… so im comin in HOT for uh wide box and im tryin uh hit dat bitch one footed to impress my girl Jodeeen and her gernade bitch, Haile C and i have my fuckin back foot strapped in. but not my front. cuz youknow im a lil tipsy. but its okay. cuz my gunz are goin mad crzy sticken out of my TAPOUT shirt. but I eat mad shit and break both of my world industreees bindings. ahhhh nuggetzzz

  120. I was up at hood riding with my friends. Hit the first table front 3 no problem, second one I came up short and hit the knuckle hard, boot pops out ankle strap snaps off at the screws. My entire heel hoop which was held on by 2 screws was sliding around and loose.One of the screws snapped off and my heel hoop almost fell off. I took part of a stick and held it together for the ride down to the lift. On the way down some kooky kid ran me over and cut through my pants, through my first layer, and into both my shins. my toe strap got cut part way through and my toe nail folded inside my boot and had an imprint from my sock on it. I had to get 30 stitches double layered for both my shins. Worst on hill day ever, still better than any day at school.

  121. I dug all morning at high cascade and then just as they lets us go ride first lap my ankle strap falls off. i had to cross strap my toe strap across my ankle and my foot kept falling out. riding HCSC’s park with out a functioning setup is torture.

  122. Riding a pair of Rome Targa’s when I popped off a side hit and landed a bit in the rear seat. That caused my rear screw plate to crack in half and take with it the teeth of the lower binding. So here I am riding a midwestern black diamond with bindings attached to two feet, but only one on the board. I feel like a drunk amputee trying to skateboard downhill and was only slightly more successful when I had no edge control and had to kill my speed by falling on my ass. Luckily hills in the midwest are just that, hills. Walked the rest of the way to the chalet, looked up Rome’s number and gave them a piece of my mind. Yay for lifetime warranty on baseplates!

  123. Well I bought a pair of Custom House x Airblaster bindings about 5 years ago, so I don’t have any binding problems except mine are old, yet still rad in my opinion…so I’m making up a story…here goes:

    (in the voice of John Wayne’s Penis) So let me tell it to ya straight Sally’s and Billy’s. It was cold, it was real cold, like I couldn’t get slippery with Sally cold. The whiskey wasn’t warming me with its magic. The times were tough, me and Scotty Stevens were having trouble rounding up rails. So we rode down the trail and came to a little place called Sugarbush. After regaining consciousness after one hell of a wild turkey bender, we realized we needed to get on some rails. Somehow I lost my board during the blackout, so when we got to the mountain I managed to trade two leather pouches of chew and a pouch of fake grass. for some rickety old Burton. I’ll tell you what, I went to strap in at the top of hill and the god damn binding exploded like a stick of dynamite up a bull’s ass. A piece of shrapnel got Scotty in the leg taken him out for a couple months back in ’08. With no help from Ski Patrol I threw Scotty over my shoulder, snowboarded down the mountain and saved that leg. Unfortunately it was too late for me, the IV of Wild Turkey I had in my back-satchel was too much…and guess what Billy, my liver decided to shit the brick. It was all over for this cowboy. The story ended up like a tragedy, but lucky for you, Scotty survived to amaze ya’ll with his bold maneuvers.
    So the moral of the story Sally’s and Billy’s; if you wake up in a place called Sugarbush, don’t buy into the Burton bull and get yourself a god damn pair of Unions.

  124. I got two good ones actually. So im a snowboarding instructor, have been for 5 years. Taught at Park City for two years, then moved out to Tahoe. So im in the middle of a lesson, with a bunch of groms around 8-12. We’re working on keeping our legs lose through rough shit. So i take the kids to some rather gnarly bumps, gnarly in a bad way. Uneven, some the size of a VW, trees in the middle of the run. At the time i was riding a rome graft (worst fucking board ever by the way) with some rome 390s. The ankle strap ratchet on my right foot was already fucked up and constantly came loose anyway, and as im about to dive into the mogul feild my toe strap snaps. The ladder totally broke. So now i got to go through a gnarly ass mogul feild with no toe strap, and effectively no ankle strap on my back foot, while trying to coach a bunch of kids. It was an interesting ride to say the least.
    Second story happened the same year, different set up. This time it was a new forum destroyer with some ride delta bindings. Its my day off, no brats or weekend warriors to teach. So im in the park, just working on some spins. There were 3 jumps in this jump line, just do a front 3 off the first, coming up on the second, i realize i got too much speed pretty much soon as i hit the lip, so i just straight air it and over shoot it. Land pretty damn hard. So hard in fact that i sheer off all the bolts on my front binding. So now i got to ride to the bottom of the mountain, switch one-footed. And it was lower Jonesy’s park, so im 2/3 of the way up the damn mountain.
    All that was 3 years ago. You know what i started riding after that and have been ever since? Capita boards with Union bindings!!!!

  125. It was a soggy, icy day on the north shore mountains, my bindings have being falling apart since the start of the season as the plastic parts were slowly deteriorating. I sat at the top of the terrain park as I began to ride down the take off and do up my binding at the same time, the bigger strap on my burton est bindings completely popped off the binding and fell into the snow right as I was hitting the lip of the jump. Panicking, arms flailing my foot slowly slipping out of the binding, I came to a sudden crash course stop. Head slamming into the icy landing as my neck whipped like the top of the trees in wind. Slowly sitting up and crawling out of the landing with sudden realization of what had happened, I stood up and made my way down to the chair is well as I could still attempting to ride with a pounding head ache. Fixing the binding at the chair as the lifties where enjoying themselves laughing at my misfortune ( and lets not kid our selves if any of us where in there place we would be laughing to) I joined in the laughter as well. Being told I was good to go I took the chair up and started the long mogul ride down to the gondola, I then hit a side hit where again i lost my strap and this time the high back , hitting the moguls and sliding down cracking my knee cap and worsening my concussion.

  126. took my girls little brother to go ride, as we were up on the hill i noticed he was strapping in weird… he had the left binding on the right side and the right on the left! so the buckles were on the inside of his feet ha. it made my day.

  127. I was sitting by the phone with nothing to do. It was a bluebird day, and my philosophy, was to focus on the important things. You know, things like the creamiest of ice cream, and swans on foreign water bodies. I did eventually receive a call that would change everything. A Viking that somehow resembled Michael J. Fox in back to the future gave me a phone call. He said he wanted to show me something, and I must hike up a mystical mountain to find out. That mountain was fortunately not a mountain at all, but a bbg house called, ‘the mountain’.

    It was at the bbq house that I devoured a stack of pancakes like no other stack. This new friend, said, that we must go to a hidden place, with a hidden stash of snow like none I had ever seen. It was already the dark hours, but this place was filled with lights of every color. It was there we would ride. He handed me a shiny snowboard with a golden unicorn. I was pointed to a rainbow rail. It was made of gold.

    A majestic star appeared overhead. I approached the rail. I nailed it. I must have nailed it 80 times. After that, I went to ratchet up my diamond encrusted bindings for another try at this rainbow rail of gold. I saw a house materialize in front of me. It blocked the rail. I heard a voice say, ‘ride through the house’. So I did. It turned out it was an enchanted place with a cauldron in the centre. I ollied over the cauldron, but my board and bindings were sucked into it, like a vortex. It consumed the board, but the bindings spit back out. I took the golden bindings and read the words on them. They said, ‘never come back here’. And then everything disappeared except the bindings. I picked up the bindings, but they turned into fire. My skin was scorched. All of the sudden everything disappeared. I was alone on an unknown road.

    A creature like an elephant spoke to me and said, “You shall remain silent, until you know the time has come to tell your story”.

    And now is that time.

  128. About an hour into a morning commute I heard a clunk on the highway.
    As I looked up through the moon roof the boards were still on the rack.
    As we arrived to the mountain, and I get out of the car.
    Some child we parked next to asked why I didn’t bring my other binding.
    Then I realized what the clunk was. FUUUUUU

  129. @burrittoz
    dude 😀 thas the funniest story ever!

    I don’t have a binding horror storry… have union forces 😛

  130. so i have same story as josh p, but i have more. so about four years ago i started snowboarding again. so i had to get a new set up on a budget so i spend most of my money on a the new k2 www that year and have less for bindings so i get two year old brand new flow binds you know the slip on kind (oh and i was sponsered too that year by my mom). there kind of like bindings but with out the feel or trust you need surounding your feet. so one nice cloudy day in washington im crusing with friend up to the lift line not listing to the slow down signs to make that steezzzy ending to sweet run (like a bat out of hell is more like it), i catch a fat edge and some how both yeah i said both boots fly out of my binders and my board flys up and the edge hit both of my shins flush. after that day i didnt want to put my money makers in those death traps but i did for the rest of that season i heasitated on everything i did. its not like i was doing huge but a simple slash was skechy. i dont want to knock union but i want to tell the truth but i bought forces and they were heaven for a year and a half until one session mid slop style my top strap on the back right starts to come undone. i stop and try to fix it and i think i have it, stand up and comes right out so im riding down the mountain pretty much from the top top im crusing with only a toe strap i finally get it fixed and then a few weeks later i happened again. dont know how but i fixed them again with a series of blows from my fists. but yeah thats what im dealing with now. sorry about the spelling im in college.

    one love

  131. Bought new tool-free fully adjustable forum ATA binding (1999), every quick adjuster was broken after 2 days on the mountain and had to be replaced by screws. The Intersport Shop at the Top of Stubai Glacier was so nice to sell me screws for 5 euro/piece!

  132. I had a dream there was no snow. Super scariest thing of my life.

  133. at 2000 our local shop just sold burton bindings. the end.

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